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17 Deadly Misconceptions About Website Design

17 Deadly Misconception About Website Design As a seasoned web developer (13 years experience), I’ve come across many customers from all walks of life. Through my experience, I’ve identified the […]

Whatsapp Tanpa Save Nombor

Whatsapp tanpa save nombor, cara paling pantas untuk whatsapp. Gunakan borang di bawah. Masukkan nombor dan terus hubungi melalui whatsapp No Phone: Contoh: 60123456789 Hantar Terus Nota Kaki: Anda perlukan […]

How To Write A Solid Copywriting Sales Pitch

Presumably the hardest task in building a website (or ads campaign) is the copywriting. Good copywriting gets you sales. Bad ones turns them away. So how to do it? And […]

Successful Titles Used to Capture Attention on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in 2016

Information Overloaded. That’s the way to describe the¬†marketing world today. You are throwing money and resource into producing a campaign, but did it work out for you? Has it optimized¬†your […]