Angkasa Home

Before We Start

Angkasa Home is a property developer that offers reasonably priced apartments, condos, landed houses, commercial lots and offices in Malaysia.

More Than Property Developer


Is to create an automated sales site that quicken sales process and form image of a reliable company.


Having going through their business, we offered an automation of sales to help scale resources easily as they grow. We also provided with visual idea of wide spaces with good looking images supported with large fonts.

Case Study

Main Page

The main concept of the main page is clean and bold. We didn't make it full screen to show that there's more content at the bottom.

“ Bold and direct was the key directions in the design, coupled with smooth animation to focus on each elements individually. ”


The highlight of the project is the sales automation feature. Which allows potential home buyers to register their interest and automatically tracks in the built in CRM. This enables Angkasa Bina to work quickly and systematically, while respecting their current workflow.


We've also added a filtering tool to enhance the user experience. Thus allowing potential home buyer to search quickly within the map, type of property and the status of the development.

“ The page structure is consistent and clear. User's will not get lost finding the right information. ”

Website Flow

The flow of the website was design to lead potential home buyers into registering for interest. This ensures that every visitors will be potentially turns to customer.

Design Consideration

USP Icons

We wanted to highlight the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of MyAngkasa Bina so that it appeals quickly to potential prospect. We incorporated the icons design to reflect the USP as the brain process visual 60,000 times faster.

Good Location
Easy & Convenient

From Conversations to Reality

We believe a good design is a two way conversation. Using our customer's input, we were able to design a website to meet their standard without compromising the visual display.


Fatin Angkasa 20160408_110536

“ We wanted to build a website with integrated sales flow, Laman7 delivered it so well. There were detailed and listened to our requirements and worries. We would definitely do business again with Laman7 ”

- Fatin Sabrina

4.7 Stars

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