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17 Deadly Misconceptions About Website Design

17 Deadly Misconception About Website Design As a seasoned web developer (13 years experience), I’ve come across many customers from all walks of life. Through my experience, I’ve identified the myth and misconceptions that shouldn’t have happened in...

Whatsapp Tanpa Save Nombor

Whatsapp tanpa save nombor, cara paling pantas untuk whatsapp. Gunakan borang di bawah. Masukkan nombor dan terus hubungi melalui whatsapp No Phone: Contoh: 60123456789 Hantar Terus Nota Kaki: Anda perlukan Whatsapp Desktop atau Whatsapp App di...

How To Update WordPress without FTP using VPS hosting [Resolved]

Recently I rebuilt a server using Digital Ocean. WordPress was installed and everything was working except trying to update or add plugin/ theme. This ‘error’ came up. There are X method to overcome this. 1. Insert FTP Credentials. Like duh, just insert...