Our approach to Web Development is Data-Driven.

There are millions of website out there. Therefore, your website should be built with high conversion in mind.

Any Website Design Project Can Be Risky when Not Done Right.

In any websites, there are some functions that work, some doesn’t. Sometimes the usability and functions cancel each other out.

Our approach is to understand your website inside out, keeping functions that work, and improve that doesn’t.

Based On Latest Conversion, Usability and User Experience.

You will get a website that sells because we research on what works and what doesn’t. We do a lot of A/B testings on previous projects.

These data plus our technical know-how and real world solutions are being used in the design process.

We Won't Argue With Your Personal Design Preferences.

Sometimes, it’s good to follow gut instinct, often times, it’s bad. Our designs are based on in-depth industry knowledge and research.

We build website to help you grow, but if you can’t allow us to do that, you wouldn’t have the right outcome.

We Don't Sell Time, We Sell Value.

When you work with us, we give you a fixed amount. No surprise. We work within the agreed amount depending on the scope of work like number of pages, mobile responsive, graphics involved and more.


This way, We Can Serve You Better

  1. We complete jobs faster.
  2. No worry on budget. Like we said, fixed priced. So if the project drags over revisions, you won’t be charged.
  3. We’d be motivated to see the direct result.
  4. No added interest to us. Additional hours does not mean we can charge you more.
  5. You have access to our expertise throughout the project.


What we can do for you.


Content Management System

WordPress is our go to CMS for any projects.

general pages

General Pages

Pages are designed based on copywriting to enhance the flow and storytelling.

Product Services Page

Product & Services Pages

Custom product and services pages for easy content management.

Website Form

Website Form

Capture prospect from your website or specific page.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design

Mandatory responsive designs for best viewed on any device.

image gallery

Image Gallery

Showcase memorable events at your company.

Blog content

Blog Content

Blog helps to improve your content marketing strategy.

full website backup

Search Engine Optimization

Get higher ranking on Search Engine

custom website design

Custom Website Design

Your own unique web design.

Website report

Copywriting Service

Write beautiful words that sells with higher conversion rate.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Increase social media engagement on your website.

instant article facebook logo

Instant Article

Load your content quicker from Facebook App.

Web Forms


Sell your products and services on your website.

accept payment website

Payment Gateway

Accept payment from your website and track transactions.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Flexible cloud hosting, international or local server.


Domain Name

International domain (.com) or local domain (.com.my)

google map integration

Google Map Integration

Tell your customer how to navigate to your business.

custom application

Custom Application

Build a custom application to fit your business process.


Like your appetite, our pricing plan is designed for specific business size and purpose. Whether you are just about to take off or leading a mammoth legacy, we have the right plan for you.


For the Mammoth
  • 15 General Pages
  • 30 Product & Service Pages
  • 5 Website Form (capture prospect)
  • Social Media Integration
  • 20 Gb Hosting and Domain
  • 5,000 Words Copywriting Assistance
  • Facebook Instant Article
  • Custom Website Design

*Of course these are just estimation for you to get going. Prices may vary depending on your requirement. For more personalised quote, you can get FREE consultation by using the form below.


Here’s a bit of FAQ for you to better understand our service.

How Does the Service Work?

We start off with understanding your business, study your current website (if any), your competitors and understand what you can do better. You are required to submit to us your company details, artwork, logo and corporate identity (CI). Next, we build the website and show you progress updates. Once it’s completed, we do User Acceptance Test and handover.

How To Make Order?

Simple. Just get free consultation form below and we’ll contact you about your project. We’ll discuss the terms and once you’re happy with the quote, we can get to work.

How Do You Charge?

We require 30-50% deposit as commitment fee to start working (depending on total value of project). The rest of the payment after User Acceptance Test, which also is the handover of project.

Can You Do Custom Coding?

Surely there is a limit to what we can and cannot do. For assurance, contact us.

Is the Price Definitive?

No. We can go lower or higher depending on your website requirement. We don’t charge on man hours required to build your website, we charge based on what value we bring to the table. For more info, get free consultation using the form below.

What is the Fees for Hosting and Domain?

As an added value to all our Website Design and Development, we provide hosting and domain for free for the first year. For second year and above, the charges depends on the size of hosting.

What About Handover?

We consider User Acceptance Test and training as handover to you. What this means is, the website is not longer under our responsibility.

What Is the Warranty Period and What It Covers?

Our standard warranty is one month for any project. It covers for bugs, error page, hacked found on the website. It does not include changes to existing websites. For a longer period of warranty, please use our Maintenance Services.

Is There Any Refund?

It is unfortunate if we had to part ways, however, the deposit of 50% is not refunded as the work has been carried out.

Whats The Difference Between General Page and Product & Services Page?

The best way to organize your content is by having two different category.

The first is General Page. These are normally used for rarely change page (almost static), like About Us, Contact Form, Map etc.

The second is Product & Services Pages. Product & Services page may require you to changes from time to time like when you have new feature update, new version, new services, new products.

What is Social Media Integration?

Social Media integration allows your website (built by us of course) extract infos from your social media account like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Page. This way, you don’t have to copy and paste content to your website. It’s all done automagically.

What is the Copywriting Service?

To sell more, your words used in your product write up has be “selling”. Often products page write up talks about the technical aspect and the explaining obvious. What we do is understand your products and services, identify your target market and rewrite your materials so that it fits your audience.

Copywriting is NOT a grammar checking or proofreading service. However, we are happy to link you up with one if required.

What Is Custom Website Design?

Most on the internet now are using “Themes”. They present a generic design and feel. A custom website design is built to cater website that requires unique business flow, unique identity and present a different look. It’s like a making a suit that only fits you, in color, texture, and style.

What Are Revisions?

No website is OK the first time, most require rework from web designers. Revisions are the rework that we do change the design of the website. Our plan starts with 2 revisions. For unlimited revisions, please use our maintenance service.

How Long is Required to Complete a Project?

This also depends on others factors, like submission of details from your side or revisions to change the website design. Based on our experience, one month is the common time to complete a website. The quickest we’ve built is 2 days. It is considered a “rush job” and charged slightly higher than our standard pricing.


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Pick a service and learn what we can do for your business.

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