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Your Website is Important Killer Marketing Tool.

Your website is your most prized marketing asset. Every single marketing campaign redirects prospects to your website. It should be polished, cleaned and well maintained.

Updating your website may sound like a trivial matter, but it has huge a high impact on your sales and branding. From our 8 years experience of maintaining websites, here’s what we found out.

Loss of Sales and Prospects

Outdated and broken sites turns traffic away, leading to lower prospect.

Poor Website Performance

Your website loads slowly, definitely kills the mood for any other interaction.

Security Breach, Open to Hackers

Outdated websites opens up a gap for hackers to attack, like a timed bomb.

Poor Branding, Reduced Trust

Poor website reflects how you run as a company, ultimately destroying your customer experience.

Punished by Search Engine

Google pushes your “was No .1” to the next page.

Wasted Initial Design Efforts

All your initial design and content (when you just built your website) are gone to waste.

We know it’s hard to maintain

your site when you don’t have

  •  Reliable Support

  •  Technical Know-How

  •   Tight Budget

  •   Under Staffed

Here’s How We Can Help.

  1. We are affordable.
  2. We have simplified pricing structure. (We’re not calculative either)
  3. We don’t like to be overcharged, so we pass on the same value to you too.
  4. We are reliable, technical-geek, resourceful and fun people to work with.
  5. But most importantly We’re always here for you (even if there’s change of staff).


What we can do for you.

content update

Content Update

Send us your content in words or pdf, we can update you website.
interface and visual

Interface & Visual Modification

Add, remove or edit your interface or images to look better.
security enhancement

Security Enhancement

Keep those hackers and malware away from your server
corrective maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Got broken link or page? We can fix it.
content update

Module & Plugin Update

Update outdated plugins to improve features and security.
interface and visual

Performance Enhancement

Improve your loading speed and deliver website faster.

HTML Meta Title & Description

Best used to improve Google Ranking
full website backup

Full Website Backup

Backup your website in case of disaster.
Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Understand where you customer comes from.
Website report

Website Report

Report of what we have done for your website and how to improve.

Website Folder & Naming Optimization

Compressing or naming correctly, preventing from security threat.

Improve SEO

Improve your search engine result. Also submit to web directories.
Web Forms

Web Forms

Add or edit forms, so you can get accurate information from your prospects
AB Testing

A/B Testing

A great to try what works and what doesn’t. Useful marketing strategy.
Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Check for website whether it’s down or up. Knowing improves your speed of action.

Improve SEO

Improve your search engine result. Also submit to web directories.


Like your appetite, our pricing plan is designed for specific business size and purpose. Whether you are just about to take off or leading a mammoth legacy, we have the right plan for you.


For the Mammoth
  • 100 man-hours per month
  • Royal Update (within 8 hours)
  • Website Monitoring
  • Monthly Report
  • FREE Website Loading Optimization (faster website) valued at RM 1,000
  • Search Engine Optimization (improve Google Rank)


Great For Small Business
  • 8 man-hours per month
  • Standard Update (within 1-2 days)
  • Website Monitoring
  • Monthly Report
  • Website Loading Optimization (faster website)
  • Search Engine Optimization (improve Google Rank)


Here’s a bit of FAQ for you to better understand our service.

How Does the Service Work?
Every plan comes with an allocated man-hour per month. For each changes, roughly one man-hour is used (except for complex ones like A/B Testing, corrective maintenance, Backup and Web Forms)
How Do You Charge?
We normally charge at the start of the month. We will start maintaining once the payment has been made.
Can you do anything outside the scope above?
Surely there is a limit to what we can and cannot do. For assurance, contact us.
What is Your Assurance?
We do whatever it takes to get site back up.
What If My Website Is Down?
As an added value to all our maintenance plan, we include live monitoring to notify us right away when the website is down.
Can we cancel the service?
You can cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied with our services.
Do You Accept All Platform?
Unfortunately, no. We only accept WordPress based system.
What If My Site is Broken?
Well, go quickly log an issue at before anyone sees it.
Whats' the Content Of the Report

The monthly report to you includes,
a. Your used man-hour (how we spent doing)
b. Your website traffic analytics
c. Your page speed delivery
d. 5 keywords links to your website
e. 5 most visited page
f. 5 top referrers to your website.

Of course this report is customizable depending on what you’re looking for.


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Website Maintenance

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