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Web Designer Bersidai – 15 Feb 20

The event was held at Laman7 Office in Shah Alam. The event was more like a meetup between web designers and web developers in Malaysia. …

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7+4 Tips to Hire the Right Web Design Malaysia

Hiring the right web design in Malaysia is not as difficult as you think it is. Here are a few pointers to help you find …

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15 SEO Tactics for Newly Completed Website – 2019

You have just completed your website, and now you want to be listed on Search Engine (Google) as quickly as possible.   Why Rank on …

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The Right Way to Apply for Internship at Web Design Agency

As a web design agency in Malaysia, we have quite a number of internship applicants. Here’s our take on how to apply for an Internship …

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8 Key Numbers in Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics can be intimidating for beginners because there’s only data, data, data, that’s all there is to it. Take a deep breath, because what …

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The New Marketing Funnel for B2B

The New Funnel Explained, For B2B Marketers and CEOs Whether you are running a small business or large organization, the funnel plays an important role …

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30 Website Mistakes to Avoid in 2019 (Updated)

Website is a combination of 3 major elements. Design, Marketing/ Messaging & Technical. (Updated 16 September 2019) The three must be in perfect harmony in …

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Build the Right Website for Your Business

“I want a website for my business. But how much should I spend on Website? What is the right website for me?” – These are …

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Web Design Price Malaysia: RM 1,500 vs RM 200k!

The average price for website design service in Malaysia is between RM 1,500 to RM 200,000 (and more). Whoaa, that’s a big jump! Firstly, no …

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