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7 Questions: Redesign Corporate Website to Delight Visitors

Great. Now that you’ve understood the importance of your corporate website, it’s time to roll up your sleeve and work on the website redesign. Careful …

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5D Web Design Process: Increase User Engagement and Profit

Looking to redesign or rebuild your website? Here’s the web design process. Why Use Web Design Process? What happens if you build a website without …

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seo malaysia price hero image SEO

Ultimate Guide for SEO Malaysia Price (Get Quality Service)

The SEO charge in Malaysia is roughly between RM 1,000 to RM 7,000 per month. Continue reading to learn more how SEO Pricing works in …

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Share Google Analytics - Hero Image SEO

How To Share Google Analytics and Google Search Console Quickly

Google Analytics is a handy tool to help you understand visitor behavior on the website. More prominent data are, no of visitors, time on page, …

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Marketing for Covid-19. facebook Digital Marketing

7 Easy Ways To Do Marketing During Covid-19 in Malaysia

tldr: There are no low-hanging fruit. Focus on long-term goals. Intro to Marketing during Covid-19 I’m going to skip the part of how Covid-19 started …

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website for new business - hero -2 Digital Marketing

Website for New Business? 7 Questions You Need to Answer

Do I need a website for new business in 2020 and forth? The short answer is, it depends. As a web designer, I have the …

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Web Designer Bersidai – 15 Feb 20

The event was held at Laman7 Office in Shah Alam. The event was more like a meetup between web designers and web developers in Malaysia. …

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Web Design

11 Tips to Choose Web Designer Agency [Free Excel Template]

Choosing Web Designer Agency is critical to ensure the success of your website project. In this post, I’ll help you make the best decision to …

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Digital Marketing

15 SEO Tactics 2020 – For New Website

You have just completed your website, and now you want to be listed on Search Engine (Google) as quickly as possible. This guide will show …

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