Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101

This was a class that we held on 15th May on our Facebook Page. It was a Facebook Live session.

The topic was about Digital Marketing and the fundamental of it. What was covered in the slide was “POE” formula, which stands for Paid, Own and Earn. I then explained the importance of linking the POE to your own website.

I also explained the level of website and how websites are ranked based on company/organization size.

This slides only show the overall structure but not the full explanation. To understand this slide, be sure to tune in to my Facebook page live.


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Download the slides deck today.





Edwin is the CEO of Laman7, also our designer and web developer. He writes about Growth Hacking tactics, digital marketing, a bit of programming and design. He is obsess with growth (trees, revenue, profit, anything) and is outcome driven. Edwin is a cyclist, tree hugger and minimalist.

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