Brand your b2b business

1. Why Do You Need a Branding?

77% of marketers agreed that branding is critical to future growth*. The math is simple, more people recognize your brand, the more money you make. But growth isn’t organic, that’s why you need branding as part of your strategy to expand and thrive.

Source: *Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group

Have you done tonnes of marketing and never got the desirable outcome? You beat yourself again and again, spending countless hours tweaking the copywriting and ads but still not getting what you want? It’s not your technical ability, maybe it’s your Brand.
The world we live in today is filled with competitors. Being different is no longer a optional, it’s compulsory.

branding b2b business - brand

Branding can help you to:

1. Build Trust
2. Earn Customer Loyalty
3. Set a Differentiator

 Trust can’t be bought, traded or earned over night. It’s a cumulative effort that you have to nurture. Big brands build emotional relationship with their prospects. They make you happy, feel good, deliver results or be consistent … which leads to the ultimate goal, earning trust.
When expectations are met, trust is earned, customer would think twice about switching to another brand. Because they know you can deliver the desired result. This is loyalty.
At Laman7, we don’t just build pretty websites. We aim to solve real business problems. To deliver this, we offer quality service at reasonable price. That’s how we are different then our competitors.
"The Price is What You Pay, The Value is What You Get"
- Warren Buffet-

 Now that we’ve understand how branding can help business, let’s define what is brand and what is branding

2. The Simplest definition of Branding.

Branding is derived from the word brand. Brand means a label, a specific trade name, product like Spotify, Grab, Rolex. Whereas branding is the activity that is carried out so people recognise your brand.
There are 6 branding aspects to look into.

How to brand your B2B Business - branding

branding b2b business - teach

Feeling is the most sensitive aspects to embrace.

2.1. Felt

Felt is an experience when people physically touches or use your product.
For example, Colgate.
We know it’s a toothpaste. So one day they came out with a “whitening” version, would you buy it? Maybe yes, maybe no. But bottomline is, you know that Colgate is for oral hygiene.
And that is how a brand is felt.

2.2. Thought

Thought is the perception of a particular brand.
An example would be Coke.
To me it’s a sweet sugary drink. It doesn’t quench your thirst instead it makes you feel guilty about drinking it. That’s why I vote for Coke Light.
There are two types thoughts, negative and positive. It best to stay on the positive side otherwise you’d face rejection time and time again.

The thought is essential as it has the power to shape how our prospects behave and feel towards our brand.

branding b2b business - look

It is believed that our memory tend to remember things we see often.

2.3. See

See is an action of perceiving with eyes.

For instance, McDonald.

You can see McDonald franchise anywhere you go. It is along your journey. No wonder whenever I think of cheeseburger, I’ll think of McDonald.

Just keep being there – in their sight.

2.4. Read

What they read about you on newspaper, articles, social media or any news feed platform affects your brand reputation.
Let say, Sunsilk just got an excellent review from their fans.They write and post it on their blog.
What happen if they write bad things about the product? You might need some major sprint cleaning to clear out the mess.
branding b2b business - news

People nowadays tend to believe what they read. Because to understand something is to believe

branding b2b business - listen

In reality, we are easily influenced by what we heard although it is not 100% proven.​

2.5. Heard

We heard, we judge, we spread.

For example, I love the stylish designs by Ice watch that fits my active lifestyle. However, one day I accidentally hit it to the wall and crack it. This shows that this brand is fragile and not meant for sports. I spread the words and my friends believe it.

Well, this is not necessary true. They may have another specific watches for sports and the one I’ve been is only for styling purpose.

See, one bad-talks about your brand can ruin the whole branding. Be cautious!

2.6. Learned

When you want to give something to the people out there, think of giving something that is worth of a living.
Our community is craving for knowledge. Organize workshops, classes, or post helpful content like what we’ve been doing at Laman7. Helping our customers to grow their business.

This an open-door for you to show that you have wealth of experience in that field.
From all of the above, what I can conclude is that you are in control of your branding. You can actually design how they think, see, feel and listen about your B2B business. All you need to do is to strategize your branding tactically.
 But how? My advice is get to know who is your B2B business target audience.

The more you give, The more you’ll get back in return.

3. How to set your Target Audience?

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
~ Sun Tzu~
I keep holding this quotes by Sun Tzu whenever I’m planning for something big. Not just for business purpose but also in making life decision. You can’t decide if you don’t even know what which part to tackle.
Therefore, let me share with you the easier way on how to set your target audience or market by using the DGPS Formula. 

Demography      (age, gender)

The sector of population.
 This is essential as you need to know who are you targeting to market your business.

Geography        (place)

Relating to geography .
This is related to the specific location of your target audience.

The narrow the targeting scope, the easier for you to target your customer/clients.

Psychography  (interest)

Mental characteristics and attitude of the population.
Nothing can help you more than knowing what do they favour the most. To attract the audience interest, you must give something that they want. That’s the rule.

branding b2b business - wom

Sociography (interactions).

The social behaviour the population In social media, the interactions are measured roughly based on the number of likes you gain from your fans, friends of fans and not to forget your non-fans too.

4. Be outstanding with this formula: POD VS POP

In business planning, I think the hardest part is to figure out what makes your business unique and different from the others. Every business owner are struggling with this for the sake of positioning themselves in this diverse market segment. You really need to think outside the box.

branding b2b business - similarity

So, I’m suggesting you to use the POD vs POP formula to find out your B2B business specialty. This formula will let you define what is the differences and similarity between you and your competitors.
POD = Point of Difference (differences)
POP = Point of Parity (similarity)
It is not that easy to be unique and you’ll just need to crack the shell to discover what’s beneath your brand. I believe every company hold its own specialty.

5. Branding Strategy

branding b2b business - how

So far, what’s your planning to shape your B2B business branding game plan?

 First, let’s be clear that your brand is the perception that you designed and branding is the process to upraise your brand. Something intangible I can say.
So to help you curb this intangible art, we at Laman 7 has broken down four branding strategy that can help you to design how people see you as a powerful B2B business.
  1. Authority
  2. Mega Credibility
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Permission Marketing

5.1 Authority

Getting influential individual to review your business/products  is such a powerful game plan. Especially when that person is an expert in that specific field.This will actually make your brand looks convincing and well-built.

branding b2b business - famous

For instance, between a doctor and an engineer, who are you going to trust more when both are talking about health and medicines? For me, I will go for the doctors because they are the expert subject matter. They have the knowledge.

So, try to get someone influential to talk about your business/products.

5.2 Mega Credibility

branding b2b business - combine brand

Have you ever heard about co-branding? Or so called brand partnership? Co-branding allows you to create alliance with another brand to work together and create a marketing synergy.

This strategy will help you to gain mega credibility. As you can see, the combination of  two brands will let the success of one brand to upshot success to its brand partner. But, be sure to pick a company that is not in the same field as you.

What I mean is don’t ever pick your competitors to blend with.

5.3 Content Marketing

branding b2b business - soft selling

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that includes sharing of online content to arouse the prospect’s interest towards certain product/brand. This strategy is considered as soft selling technique. As hard selling directly promoting the brand, soft selling plays a more whip-smart way to talk about their brand without being seen as promoting.

Social media such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and many more play a huge role to enligt your branding strategy and share ideas. Prospects love ideas.
Tips! Don’t sell, just share. Just spark the inner desire within , they’ll come by their own.

5.4 Permission Marketing

branding a b2b business - opt in email

You don’t need to ask for permission. They’re agree by their own free will. Permission marketing is an approach to promote your products and services in which your potential clients/customers agrees in advance to receive your marketing information.

This strategy realizes that treating people with respect is the best way to catch their attention. People dislike being forced. One of a good example of permission marketing is by using an opt-in email.


conclusion of Brand b2b business

 So, have something playing inside your mind right now? Branding will give a powerful impact on your business. Many big brands like Colgate, Nestle and Apple Inc survive due to a strategic plan of their branding.  Be a brand that influence the people.
I think that’s all for now. Do drop some comments if you have any inquiry regarding the topic.
Good luck winner! 

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Edwin is the CEO of Laman7, also our designer and web developer. He writes about Growth Hacking tactics, digital marketing, a bit of programming and design. He is obsess with growth (trees, revenue, profit, anything) and is outcome driven. Edwin is a cyclist, tree hugger and minimalist.