[Infographic] When to Redesign Your Website?

[Infographic] When to Redesign Your Website?


“Website isn’t just for you, it’s for your customers.”

First of all, whoever are here for this topic must have own a website. Literally, you feel that your website are the worst one on the internet, don’t you? It’s like going back to a Flintstones episode.

Back in days, website was not that relevant. But as internet users keep growing, website seems to be part of our main marketing tool. While Baby Boomers generation still believe on Yellow Pages, GenY don’t even know what it is. Nowadays, everything is on the internet. From seeking information to purchasing items. They act fast and want fast result too. If you don’t make it fully optimized, you’ll lose their sight.

Do it for the children, you know, the ones that never used the Yellow Pages.

So, are your B2B business ready to take off to the next level? Not sure when do you need to redesign your website? You’ll need it when you’re likely in this situations.

  1. When your customer complaints about your website
  2. When you’re not making money from website
  3. When it takes 1 hour to load your website
  4. When you don’t know who maintains and update the website
  5. When you can’t find your website on Google
  6. When you don’t know the traffic of your website
  7. When your website looks terrible and you hate it!

When to redesign my website

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