Just started your business?

So, you just started your business, spent a good fortune developing your products and looking for the most cost effective ways to be online. Well, this package #JanjiStart for you.

  • Quickest Way to be Online
    - You don't want to overthink about the content of the website and spend hours building your own.
  • 'Book' your Domain
    - You don't want others to steal your domain name, otherwise you will need to rebrand everything, again.
  • Have Corporate Email
    - You want to have professional corporate email with Your domain name instead of using free ones like Google or Yahoo.
  • Want to Be Found on GOOGLE
    - You want your prospects to find about your business on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine.
  • Positioning Your Branding
    - You want to position your product/ service/ brand to be distinctively different than your competitors.
  • Launch Retargeting Campaign
    - You want to retarget your prospects using Facebook Pixel, Google Tag to keep them in the know.

Designed for Startups & Small Business.

We understand that, not all startups or small business wants to spend a fortune
developing website nor spend a lot for marketing.
That’s why we design this package for you.






The Web Design Package

Simple & Fuss-Free.


Best for Expanding Businesses
RM 7850 One-time
  • Everything in Platinum
  • 3 Pages Mockup Prototype
  • 12 High Quality Pages
  • 5 Pages Copywriting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Submission to Search Engine
  • Retargeting Features
Value Package


Best for Sustainable Businesses
RM 6850 One-time
  • Everything in Iridium
  • 2 Pages Mockup Prototype
  • 8 High Quality Pages
  • 1 Pages Copywriting
  • Sitewide SEO
  • Enhanced Speed Optimization
  • USP & VP Discovery


Best for New Business & Startups
RM 2998 One-time
  • Custom Design Website
  • 1 Page Mockup Prototype
  • High Quality WordPress Setup
  • 5 High Quality Pages
  • Banner Slider
  • 1 Contact Form
  • FREE .com, HTTPS, 5Gb Cloud Hosting

Need a simpler or custom Web Design Package?

The One Page

For Single Product Business
RM 1598 One time
  • Custom One Page Website
  • High Quality WordPress Setup
  • One Page Prototype Mockup
  • Contact Form
  • FREE .com, HTTPS, 2Gb Cloud Hosting


Custom Web Design?

Are you looking for custom designs and functions that suits your current business workflow or industry? We’ve got that too.

FAQ for Web Design Package.

Most frequent questions and answers.

In website terms, a page is one view. One page length can vary in length. However at Laman7, we consider 1 page as up to 3 scrolls or below 3500px.

A mockup is how the website will look like when it’s completed. A mockup can take up to 2 weeks to produce and it’s not free.

On average about 1 month but it actually varies depending on how long is the approval or feedback from customers. We’ve developed a few in less than 1 week before and longest, about a year.

Normally, you have to come up with the content. We can only advise on the layout, page count, designs, addition of icon, etc. We do however provide copywriting service to help increase conversion rate.

At Laman7, we focus on higher conversion rate. To achieve such result the website has to be design for the user and not the owner. That’s why we invented 4D Web Design Methodology, Discovery, Design, Develop & Deploy.

We will refund your deposit minus the mockup fee. We don’t want to keep unhappy customer. You can cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied.

Every package is inclusive of Domain and Hosting. However for .com.my (or any .my domain) additional RM 60 is applied. Hosting is on Cloud SSD server and located in Singapore, using Vultr or DigitalOcean.

To start, you can fill in the page below. Our design team will engage with you on your requirements. Once you’re ok, make a deposit of 50% of package price to start the project.

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