Before You Become Yoda, You Need to Be a Digital Marketing Internship

Here’s you chance to learn digital marketing from Laman7. In this job, you’ll be doing what a digital marketer do, write good stories for instagram, facebook posting, linkedin posting, blog posting and learn what it means through every numbers.

A combination of Creativity and Analytic.

As designers and marketers, we will teach you to do digital marketing through real business environment.

What We Look For in Digital Marketing Internship Candidate

  • Good command of English and Malay
  • Understand Basic Marketing
  • Know HTML
  • Know Adobe Products (Ai, Photoshop, XD etc)
  • Use Google Drive
  • Ages between 19 – 27 years old
  • Monthly Allowance – RM 400 to RM 600

What You Will Master at the End of Digital Marketing Internship

  • Strong Fundamental in Digital Marketing
  • Know how how to apply Digital Marketing in Businesses
  • Ability to write compelling and persuasive stories
  • Get starting job pay at RM 2,500 and above.
  • Ability to forecast and plan for media planning.

What You Need to Do to Apply Digital Marketing Internship.

  • Send in Cover Email (enter in the following form)
  • Example of Your Writings (social media post, blogs post, etc)
  • Upload Resume

What Will Happen Once You Submit?

  • Human Resource (Admission) will contact you.
  • We’ll do a phone interview
  • If you pass phone interview, we’ll do a face-to-face interview
  • Then some tests, just to check your character and personality traits.
  • HR will tell you passed or otherwise.

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Describe why we should hire you. Explain your current situation, your background, what you want to be in 2 years time. Consider this your Cover Email.