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Laman7 is a Digital Marketing Agency.

We balances between creativity and technology. Which means great designs with latest technology innovation to future proof your investments.

Laman7 was founded in 2007. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Malaysian websites and global standards. We believe in “Malaysia Boleh”. By designing a beautiful and functional website, we can elavate the Malaysian standard and get access to the world. We take pride in delivering the services to our customers.

You probably don’t care and think these are just some fluffy words to rope in customers, but our intentions are clear, we want Malaysian to succeed in the digital age. Yes, together, we can do it.

Laman7 is relatively a small company, but we compensate that with quick delivery and decision making.

Meet Your Partner in Digital Marketing

Edwin Masripan

Degree in Electronic & Telecommunications (University of Nottingham, UK)
Edwin has been developing websites since 1999. Today he focuses on digital marketing, from social media engagements, search engine rankings to fully functional websites. He is the back bone of Laman7.

Aisyah Rozi

Operation & Design Manager
Bachelor of Environments (Architecture) University of Melbourne
Aisyah has been developing websites since form 4 (2006) and has been hooked since then. Today, Aisyah is focused on design and digital marketing helping creative engaging content and improve in UX design.

Diyanah Yunus

HR & Admin
Bachelor of Office System Management (Hons.)

Marsya Mng

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Multimedia System Development)

Izzat Jaffar

Front End Web Developer Diploma of Information Technology

Syamimi Azizudin

Back End Web Developer Bachelor of Software Engineering (Information System Development)

Mohd Aznielrul

     Back End Web Developer            Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons.) Intelligent System Engineering

Saffinas Maswi

Back End Web Developer
Bachelor of Computer Science (Multimedia Technology and Graphic) 

Nadiah Rosli

     Front End Web Developer        Bachelor of Software Engineering (Multimedia System Development)

Syafiqah Izlyn

Graphic Designer
Diploma Computer Graphic Design

Muhd Nazran

Front End Web Design
Bachelor of Computer Science (Multimedia Technology and Graphic) 

Nadzrin Mohd

     Business Development            Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) Operation Management


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