Find your true meaning.

What you may not be aware is a website is only one part of your marketing system. A website acts like an amplifier which amplifies everything, including the flaws and the noise of your business.

Building a good looking website is easy, I’ve done this for over 20 years. However making it meaningful, worthwhile and aligning to your business can be daunting. A website is cost if it doesn’t fit the bigger picture.

I want to remind you, building a website will not solve your marketing problems. It only amplifies it. This is what most businesses failed to see.

And so it begins, your adventure to find true meaning.

Let’s start with identifying where you are in the market. The kind of revenues you are making, the channels that works best for you.

Given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes understanding the problem and one minute resolving it. – Albert Einstein

Then the challenges & problems. Be it getting traffic, don’t know who your target market are, how to convert leads to customers or specific features that may help your business.

Finally your goals. To get there, we need a strategy.