Brief About IMBRT

Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transport (IMBRT) is a new BRT development for Iskandar Malaysia, Johor by IRDA. IMBRT is targeted to be completed by year 2021.

How We Helped IMBRT

The goal of the website is to educate the public about the benefit of BRT as mode of public transport that will change how Johorians commute in the future.

Due to the fact that is still early in the planning stage, there is no materials to showcase on the website except for the alignments and coverage.

The challenge is to make it as informational as possible without losing the interest of the readers.

So how did we work? First, we produced illustrations of the BRT busses. Then, we designed the website look and feel to attract various groups of the public, be it to the very young and the very old. Finally, we organized the information carefully while adding interests through colours and illustrations to keep readers’ interests.

Through all this process, we managed to create a website that is interesting and easy to use while being informational.

Cool Features

  • Mobile Responsive - View on any device
  • Built on WordPress - Easy to manage CMS
  • Animation - Add interests
  • Illustrations - Add relatable visuals
  • Fun look and feel - Incite excitement about the project
  • Mix of infographics - Keep readers' interests

Other Details

End Customer:IMBRT
Completion Date:February 2018
Link to
Scope of Work:Design and develop website, produce illustrations and organize content.

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