Brief About MiszOven

From the passion of baking. MiszOven humble beginning started in 2014. They made ready-to-eat cakes and distributed it to Petronas Mesra and restaurants.

How We Helped MiszOven

One of the key problem of Miszoven is they had to entertain customers who called to get the location of their products. It’s nice to know you are in demand but this is later became a burden, especially for a young and limited resource SME.

We built the MiszOven locator so that customers can find out exactly where to get the cakes. This saves them time from answering to calls which otherwise could cost them about RM1.5k monthly to hire someone just to reply whatsapp messages and answer calls.

In their recent company video which went viral, we helped MiszOven to focus on delivering cakes instead of messages by providing a clear call-to-action to their customers. This help connect the dot between their marketing and making the sales. Now, they need to bake more cakes, so, good luck to them!

RM 3500
Annual Savings

Cool Features

  • Mobile Responsive - View on any device
  • Straightforward Design - You get what you see.
  • Built on WordPress - Easy to manage CMS
  • Google Map Integration - Locating Cakes are easy
  • Search for Location - Autocomplete search for location

Other Details

End Customer:MiszOven
Completion Date:June 2017
Link to Website:MiszOven.com
Scope of Work:Build a website that allows users to introduce MiszOven and store locator


Aatifa Fadzli
Managing Director MiszOven

Special Features yg Gempaq

Servis yang sangat memuaskan! Yang sangat best bila semua yang special features yang gempaq kite nak dalam website, semua dapat..kemas, user friendly website, consistent in color, overall look professional, semua kawan2 puji bila tgk website tuh�� pendek kata sis happy la.. thanks laman7

Aatifa Fadzli

Idea-idea Bernas

Laman7 telah memberikan kami servis yang cukup mantap. Sentiasa memberikan idea-idea yang cukup bernas dan menepati kehendak kami. Thank you for the good job and semoga berjaya in future.

Yunus Masjuki, MiszOven

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