Brief About UMW

UMW is one of Malaysia’s best performing GLC in manufacturing. Their business include engineering, Toyota assembly, lubricants, oil and gas, plantations and more.

How We Helped Them

Prior to this, they do not have a portal which houses all of their offline application. Therefore, the staff has to either memorize the links or save it as bookmarks. By having the portal, UMW staffs can engage the website to connect to their designated apps and also explains the company procurement policy.

The website was developed using HTML and hosted internally. This saves them about RM5k per year on maintenance (if they were to use WordPress).

*The content is hardly changed, so there’s very little reason to use a CMS for this project.

RM 3500
Annual Savings

Cool Features

  • Mobile Responsive - View on any device
  • Straightforward Design - You get what you see.
  • Made with Bootstrap - Easy css framework, any new web designer can takeover the job.
  • Embed Video - Users can watch the video without leaving the website.

Other Details

End Customer:UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd
Completion Date:July 2017
Link to Website:Internal Network
Scope of Work:Build a static website according to UMW requirement


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