Successful Titles Used to Capture Attention on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in 2016

by Edwin, in on May 11, 2016

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Information Overloaded. That's the way to describe the marketing world today. You are throwing money and resource into producing a campaign, but did it work out for you? Has it optimized your cost per conversion? We've put out some superlative words used garner attention.

In then early days, if you ran a Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you'd get easy traffic. There's no trick to that, but today, a small business could command the attention of prospect with simple word plays.

Here's an example: Raya is around the corner, and you're scrolling your Facebook, then you see this post shared by your friend.


"Latest Baju Raya From Company X"


"Top 7 Trends of Baju Raya for 2016"

The most of us would click on "b". Why? Because it's more detailed, uses superlative words and our instinct tells use we'd get more from reading content "b" compared to "a". But what if we spice up the word play.


"Top 7 Trends of Baju Raya for 2016"


"7 Amazing Trends of Baju Raya for 2016"

Suddenly you see "d" as a better option.

There's no trick to this except careful wordplays. The trick is to know which words is best used for headlines to capture attention.

Step 1 - Understand the Title Breakdown.

There are four (4) parts to a great title. This consists of "Superlative Words", "Content Format", "Content Type" and "Your Content".

Superlative words + Content Format + Content Type + Your Content

The orders can be different, "Your Content" has to be a the back. I know, I know this is a lot to digest, but you'll get it.

Step 2 - Choose the right "Superlative Words" For the Right Audience

Laman7 - Awesome Titles 3.22.02 PM

Based on the image above, "Amazing" resonates really well on Facebook & Twitter, but not so much on Linkedin where the audience prefer the word "Successful". With any choice of superlative you use, it is important that your content live up to the expectation. We don't want to be all talks but empty.

Step 3 - Use the Right Content Format

The third (3rd) part is to choose what content format are you giving. Here are some basic "Content Format" to be used as title.

Laman7 - Awesome Titles 3.21.52 PM

As seen, audience love lists. Why? Because it's finite, know when it starts and when it ends. "How to" works great when you understand exactly what the audience wants. Before you start with any Content Format (except "List"), I suggest you do a quick survey to validate your idea.

Something like "Who would to learn how to write captivating titles?" on your Facebook Wall. Once you have enough to convince people that this is worth it, do it. You can always delete the quick survey.

This ensures you don't waste effort on something nobody wants to read or share.

Step 4 - Pick a Content Type

Every Content Type has it's strength.

Laman7 - Awesome Titles 3.21.42 PM

"Pictures" do well on Facebook, but not on Linkedin. "Habits" and "Mistakes", great for Linkedin and less for Facebook. Why?


Generally, audience access Facebook via mobile & desktop, which means less reading more pictures. Whereas Linkedin, naturally people use it at work, which means on Desktop, so longer articles work. (I know this is an old stats, but this is best we've got for now)

Step 5 - Now Add Your Own Content

The last bit is adding your own touch. Again, I need to reemphasis this further, your content has to live up to the title (expectation). It has to be relevant to the superlative words. Here are some bad examples

  • Top 10 Amazing Web Design. - While it may be 'amazing' for you, it might not be for others.
  • 5 Successful Online Business - 'Success' is defined differently for each business, some by revenue, some by profit. So be careful with this.

It's important to keep the title humble, as they say, "under promise, but over deliver". We've seen many viral website that made us click on the title and the content was, uhh, boring and irrelevant.

You want audience to come back, then do it the right way. Don't go bullshit your content with something like, "yeaahh whose counting" or "No 10 is trade secret" or "Give us your email, and we'll Private Message you.". I promise you, if you did that, you'll lose all the authority and trust you've built. That also includes your business.


Remember there are 4 parts to a good title.

Superlative words + Content Format + Content Type + Your Content

You probably wouldn't get it the first time, but it's ok. We didn't learn to walk on first try.

Bonus Round: More Tips

1. When using picture as your Content Type, ensure the following

  • Picture are good quality - Becareful of plagrism. Give credit to owner.
  • Use emotional human - Smiling, happy, sad.. this resonates well
  • Consistent Design - Use the same font, same filter as other photo.

2. Use - editing serious

As much as I love to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I often find myself using online tools to build the picture gallery. is my go to. You can reuse the files that you have uploaded and the campaign that was successful.

3. Be patient with yourself. Arts can not be rushed. Figure out what your audience like to read. Create 4-5 personas (target audience) and test it.


  1. WordStream + Buzzsumo
  2. Uberbin.

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