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Top 10 Website Design Trend for 2017

Edwin Masripan
Published on December 30, 2016
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Top 10 Website Design Trend in 2017

We want to start off by wishing you a Happy New Year (2017) and hope that your business will prosper further.

So right off the bat, why is following the trend important? Well, my investor friends always tell me, the #1 rule of investment is “Trend is Your Friend“.

Your website is your investment. No matter what you think of it, it will always the default “go-to” to find information about your products and/or services. A website is never complete. There’s always room to change the layout, add new products/services, improve your sales pitch and so forth.

What ever is, your website would need to be redesigned at some point.

top 10 website design trend 2017 banner

So here’s our take on the Website Design Trend for 2017.

1. Large Background Image

large background top 10 website design trend 2017

These images are designed to capture your attention in 8 seconds or less. Human brain processes visual graphics x 30,000 faster than text. With the increased in internet speed and better image compression technology, loading large image can be done in milliseconds.

Our prediction, images with emotions will make the push. Kids smiling, river flowing with mountain view or messed up overworking dude, something like that.

2. Straightforward Content & Copywriting

top 10 trend copywriting - Top 10 Website Design Trend for 2017

No one likes to hear a sales man pitching in circles or someone who talks about only themselves. Instead, a clear description what the product can do and how it will benefit you. Cut the BS. Website design should be a clear communication and balance between marketing and graphics, beauty and ‘cool stuff’.

We predict that website content will be more honest and direct.

3. Responsive is Mandatory

responsive top 10 website design trend 2017

Yesterday, you can get away with “pinch-zoom” to navigate through your website via mobile phone. But today, most people prefers one-hand operation on the mobile phone. And in 2016, 60% of traffic came from mobile devices (tablet and mobile phone). Google is also penalizing search rank if your website is not optimized for mobile devices.

If you had to ask or pay extra for responsive website design, you better take your cash elsewhere.

4. Flat Design

top 10 trend flat design 2 - Top 10 Website Design Trend for 2017

Bring back the 80’s! The truth is designers love retro art. It’s a perfect blend between functional and aesthetics. Flat design is here to stay because it’s simple and easy on the eyes.

These kind of websites put much emphasis on the content, not graphics. This is done to focus on selling instead of trying to impress.

We saw a growing pattern of web designers incorporating this method into their design.

5. Element Animation

Element top 10 website design trend 2017

In 2006, when a page loads and starts flying texts, images from left and right, I was amazed! So I tried and crashed my browser 🙁

Today, our hardware, browser and the codes used are very efficient. Moving an element from left to right, top to bottom is easier if not simpler. We saw how Apple website exploited this, it brought a new level of showmanship. It was a tease. We just had to wait for the iPhone to be reeled in from the side or zoomed in perfectly.

We predict a lot more website design will start animating elements. Just don’t over do it.

6. Optimized for Conversion

conversion top 10 website design trend 2017

It’s typical for websites to throw everything in main page. All this contribute to one thing, noise. As a result, the visitors lose their focus, go to pages that are irrelevant and abandons your website altogether.

A website should be designed to present information with focus on increasing conversions or engagement. Like a slideshow, one page leads to another and in the end, asks you to buy their product.

Now is the best time to relook at your “Call To Action”, reducing link in a page, and how to lead your customer to purchase.

7. Increase in Micro Interaction

micro interaction top 10 website design trend 2017

Micro interaction is a small interaction with websites. By micro, it means click or typing (short sentences). Example of micro interactions are Facebook likes, Tweets on Tweeter, Login in a website, rating products on Amazon, share blog post to social media and so forth. Nothing big like writing a blog post or making a payment.

Having micro interactions improves the usability of the website. It gives life to the website.

Combine all of the micro interactions, a website can be livelier without having to do much of the work (like adding new content).

8. Quicker Loading Speed

speed top 10 website design trend 2017

It takes only 8 seconds for users to decide to stay or leave (a study by Microsoft), so it’s better not spent on loading your website. A website should load in 4 seconds or less.

We predict more websites will load quicker than 4 seconds. You can start checking your website score at tools.pingdom.com or gtmetrix.

9. Beautiful Product Photo

photos top 10 website design trend 2017

A study done by Mudah.my, beautiful and clear photo of products sells faster. It’s a no brainer really. We buy because it looks good.

Get professional photographer to help with your product photos.

10. Testimonials

testimonials top 10 website design trend 2017

Testimonial is a great way to earn trust. By gaining trust, you can sell your products quicker with less resistance.

If you’re new to the market, we suggest you give your products to vloggers/ bloggers/ digital PR to try out and let them review it honestly. Keep the good and filter the bad ones. The good can be used on the website, the bad used to improve your products.

Worthy Mentions

11. Increase in Content Marketing

This post is an example of content marketing. With the right timing to post (between 2016 and 2017), relevance to target market (our target are marketing executives and business owners) and casual writing (so it can easily be understood). It doesn’t have to be perfect or viral, just honest.

There are also other format like PDF, cheat sheets, excel template, graphic art etc. You can start exploring which ever suits your needs.

12. Video Marketing in Website

“A picture tells a thousand words”. To add that, “a video tells everything”. Video, if shot and edited right, would give a better experience on a product. Show them how to use, what it’s capable of and what problem will it solve. Remember the “Will it Blend” guy?

13. Mandatory Browser Compatibility

Just like #3, browser compatibility is mandatory. We all have different taste in browser, some are forced to used a certain browser. So, yeah, do it.

The Dying Trend

14. Social Media Marketing is Slowing Down (for some business)

It’s very hard to cut through the noise unless you’re paying for it. B2C has better chance at social media as compared to B2B. While both requiring trust, B2B has a smaller target market. Best stick to conventional marketing method like search engine marketing, networking, cold email, newspaper, magazine and redirect them to your website (you can build with us).

15. Splash Page

It’s 2017, information is not only key, but the speed of delivery is. If you still use splash screen, it’s time to get rid of it. It’s useless.

16. One Page Fit

A compact is design is good. But with the ever expanding of screen sizes and resolutions, you might want to consider a scrolling option. Besides, why limit the content of your website? In the long run, it will be bad for SEO.


So that’s our take of the Web Design Trend for 2017. We hope you make careful considerations in redesigning (or designing) your website for year 2017. It’s an important year, and your website is matters.

Like always, if you need help in designing a website, feel free to shoot us up at the contact page.

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