Website Design Price Calculator

You want to know an estimation of cost for your web design works?

As a business, we know it’s important for you to budget the price of you website. We made it simpler for you to allocate a budget for your website. This “website estimation program” will produce a price based on your requirements. The official price may vary, depending on the complexity and sophistication of your website design.

This includes pages like about, home, contact, number of products and services. Per page is RM 400.
This includes pages like about, home, contact, number of products and services
Mock up is prototyping of end product. This can also increase the number of days and cost. Without mockup the web designer is going to build based on generic templates.
You need domain and hosting for any website. It doesn't have to be with us.
Slider is usually located on the main page where the banners rotate. This will require some graphics design
Base revision is normally 2. Anymore beyond that would be an additional charge. Revisions is where content are changed and it's chargeable. This ensures the project doesn't extend for too long.


This is not the final price of the website. For a more accurate price, please contact us.
eCommerce allows your customer to make purchase from your website
Professional photography service can help you sell more on website. Also makes your website looks super cool. This is for 3 hours photography session.
SEO can help get you rank on Google 1st page quicker. Per page is RM 150
Good copywriting can help your website to sound more professional. Per page is RM 500
Quick or rush job means your project is being prioritized by the team. Additional charge of 100%

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