Web Designer Bersidai - 15 Feb 20

by Edwin, in on February 17, 2020

The event was held at Laman7 Office in Shah Alam. The event was more like a meetup between web designers and web developers in Malaysia.

It was called Bersidai, which means to 'hang' in English. The goal was to bridge the gap between seasoned agency and freelancers. Help them explore other aspects of web designs and development.

The topic covered touches details such as

  • Communication
  • Workflow
  • Technical
  • Marketing
  • Business and Mindset

There were about 36 attendees. Monetary collection goes to SK Pulau Larapan. Here are the slides, and videos (is dark, it was never planned to record in video).

1. Managing $#!* Clients (Managing Customer From Hell)

Presentation by Aisyah.

2. Bani Kelajuan (Website Hosting)

Presented by Faizal Bahasan from Kinetic Webhosting

3. Demystifying UIUX Design

Presentation by Syahmi D. Ibrahim


4. Awakening Dragon

Presentation by Rahim Rani from CunHosting


5. Life After Ranking

Presentation by Azham Zanal, SEO Expert in Malaysia. from TeknikSEO

6. Harga Kapak - Increase Web Design Price

How to Increase the price of Web Design business, presentation by Edwin, Web Design Malaysia Laman7 Sdn Bhd.

And there's the photo of the event.


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