Stressed about your manual system?

Still using excel to keep track of inventories?

Still using Words document, send it back and forth only to lose track of the version? Not being updated for any changes on the document? Still going through documents just to produce a report? Still using paper to get approval?

You’re not alone.


Most businesses starts with excel to keep track of data. As the data grew bigger, more people on it, the document becomes more complex and you start losing track of what’s what.

We build custom Laravel Web Applications tailored for your business. Convert from paper format to an application. Helps you keep track of progress even when you’re on the go.

Do More, Work Anywhere, Unlimited Possibilities. You decide.

Common Problem Business Workflow

Here are some problems that typical businesses face with existing workflow.

Can’t Monitor Progress

With paper, you can’t monitor the progress of your operations.

No Systematic Approach

Everyone has different style of formatting. Turns documents and excel sheets to mess.

Can’t Analyse Data

You can’t manage & assess risks, if you can’t measure.

Here's How We Can Help.

Business Dashboard

Get an overview of your whole operation in a single page view. We can tailor the views to meet your needs.

Connect to Third Party API

Connect your existing applications via API to our custom Laravel Application. CRM, ERP, Finance, WooCommerce or anything.

Generate Report

Generate real time report on the fly. Make decisions quicker and be more agile. Spend less time producing, more on analysing.

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Real time notifications

Get notified for any important changes on your Laravel application. Prioritize what matters most and get on top of task

Content Management System

Build a custom CMS tailored to your needs. Reuse your existing publishing workflow and reduce the learning curve.

Anything you can imagine

Get help with your unique business requirements. Just tell us what you need. We will fulfill whatever you dream off.

How Do We Work?


Why Laravel?

Stable Framework support

Laravel provide you with open-source PHP framework. Save up your time by eliminating the complex use of codes.

Open Source Php Framework

Cut your development cost with Laravel. It is a free of charge Php framework. So, you can save up your budget.

Secured Framework

Laravel makes authentication implementation very simple. Everything is configured for you.

Looking for a Laravel Expert?

Best Working Experience

5.0 rating

Awesome website developer! It was the best working experience with you guys!
Laman7 helped us ranked on Google from page 3 to now no 3! That’s a big jump that none of us would know how to do it. They were efficient and helpful brainstorming with our marketing strategy for the website. Good luck to you guys!

Kamarul Fitri, Senior Engineer, Tamura.

Committed and Great Experience

5.0 rating

Great experience with Laman7 team! They served us well with full commitment. Will definitely come again after this

Leezo Group

Less is More at Best!

5.0 rating

Less is more at best. Clean and neat, simplicity is the main theme for optimized user experience without jeopardizing functions. Highly recommended developer. MCOBA Football League website couldn’t be any better.

Imrilqis, MCOBA MFL Manager
Outsource your Laravel project to us. Send us your requirement. We’ll quote it for you.

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Edwin Masripan is Business Solution Consultant (CBAP certified) has served 8 years helping Telco’s and Government agencies to streamline their business process.

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