No Ideas How to Maintain Your Website?

We’re pretty sure you got no time to fix your website. There are business to run, project to monitor just to produce a report? Still using paper to get approval?

Besides, websites is like our business premise.

There are so much to look out for including rent and building condition. Just like website, most owner fail to realize their website is not performing well and start to lose their customer due to higher outbound rate.

Calm down and sit back. Keep your hands clean, we’ll handle your wordpress website. Leave the tedious part to us. Our team will get it done for you. With over years of experience, we’ll give the best attention to your website so you can focus on the things you love. No more hassle. No more stress.

Are You Experiencing This?

Scared of Breaking Your Website?

Leave it to the experts to fix it for you.

Afraid of losing customers due to downtime?

Get over it. We’ll help you monitor your traffic and server load 24/7.

Got panic whenever got hacked?

No worries, we’ll return it back safely to you.

What You'll Get?

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Keep Your Hands Clean

Don’t let your hands get smudged. Let our team handle the rest of the tedious technical tasks of maintaining your website

b2b business need a website - quick update

Save time & Quick Fix

We’ll get your site errors, security and plugins issues fixed. Now you can focus growing your business and have a more quality life.

24/7 Personalized Service

Now, you can talk to us personally. Just give us a shout 24/7. We will always be there to serve you anytime, anywhere with your problem.

What We Can Build For You

Plugins & Theme Updates

Being outdated is pathetic. Worry no more, we’ll make sure your plugins and theme are always up to date.

Uptime & Downtime Monitoring

Scale up your server. Our bots helps monitor your traffic and server load 24/7. We’ll advise when it’s time to scale up.

Database Optimization

We ensures your wordpress performs well especially its response time, image optimization and content delivery.


We’ll return your website safely. This include removing malware and suspicious activities and reducing risk in website.

Find & Fix 404 Errors

We’ll be on the watch and fix errors when it happens, ensuring that your customers are in safe hands.

Real Time Backup

Afraid of losing important data? We’ll manage your backups and restore when you request for it.

24/7 Advice & Support

You can either give us a ring or have a live chat with our team to answer all your questions in real time.


Get a continuous monthly report from us. We’ll let you know how is it going from time to time.

Looking for a Web Maintenance Expert?

Drop your website to us. We will handle it for you.

Don’t Struggle Alone. Let’s Solve it Together.

Expert in The House:

Web Development Malaysia Edwin Masripan

Edwin Masripan is Business Solution Consultant (CBAP certified) has served 8 years helping Telco’s and Government agencies to streamline their business process.

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