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Craft Brilliant Story.

Because boring websites don't inspire purchase.

Everyone Has a Website.

By end of 2021, the world has close to 1.9 billion websites. With so many supply, the attention remains limited. Day by day, business are losing out to newer competition. Businesses are not getting the attention they deserve. As attention (traffic) fell, so did the sales.

Possible Solutions.

On one hand we can splurge on advertisement to get more traffic to the website. On the other hand, change your image (website), tell better story and connect to people (buyers).

Ads will amplify your message, and if it's noise, the only thing you are amplifying is noise. Instead, amplify your story.

Designed Story and Interactions.

The right story pulls visitors deeper into the website. The more they explore, the more they like your company. Which turns a complete stranger, to loyal customers.

We do this by revamping the website to be simple and easy to use.

Steps to Revamp a Website

01 Research & Think

Start with end in mind, plan each careful steps along the way.

02 Design & Code

Designed to favour psychology and code with precision.

03 Launch

Amplify the story, turn more strangers to customers.
*This a simplified version of our 5D Web Design Framework.

Pricing for Website Revamp

for Small Websites
Design Research & Strategy 
Compelling Story Telling
Interactive Web Design
2 x Design Options
1 x Contact Form
Up to 10 pages
SEO Ready
~1 Month Complete
Hot Loads in 3 secs
Hot Works on Any Device
Hot Copywriting Assistance
Hot Built-in Funnel Marketing
Extra How to Create USP (Guide)
Extra Copywriting for Website (Guide)
for Mid-size Websites
Everything in Basic
Up to 20 pages
2 x Contact Form
1 x Advanced Form
~2 Month Completion
Extra Blog Content Ideas
Extra Setting Unfair Advantage
Extra Lead Generation Strategy
for Large Websites
Built custom according to your Goals
Custom coded on any CMS.
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Guaranteed Satisfaction

We build website not to impress your audience, but to get you more interaction, sales and word of mouth. Every visitor that lands on your website will remember who you are and what you do. We plant the seed, hook their minds.

When the time is right, you harvest and reap the biggest reward.

At any point of our service, where you felt dissatisfied, request for refund.
"I love working with Laman7. Before this, I was quite shy to show our website. Now, I feel more confident, like someone has my back."
William Chan
Kawasaki Gas Turbine Asia
"We are using SharePoint. It's difficult to built and code. Laman7 built it in 3 months. The website is easier to navigate and lower bounce rate than before."
Annur Hadi Hashim 
Project Manager, Ministry of Transportation Malaysia


1. Payment Terms

Normally our payment term is 50% upfront and 50% before migration.  Project exceeding 20k may be split in 3-5 payment milestone.

We accept Stripe, Bank-in and Cheque.

2. What's the ROI of Website?

This is tricky to calculate as it depends on many factors. 

The biggest ROI we've had so far was exceeding RM10mil in 6 months, from RM30k investment. On average, our clients enjoy better optics through the new website and seen ROI in 3 months.

3. Can I Request a Free Mockup?

Mockups are easy to make because other designers uses template to make it. Real design however, addresses your context, worldview and challenges. Stories and Design should be unique to you.

Unfortunately, we can't invest our designers time for an unknown outcome. Instead we spent most our hours to refine client's design.

4. Is this a Custom Design?

Every story (website) is unique to tackle the challenges that you are facing. We do use framework to design and build to reduce the time to develop the website.

5. Is It Easy to Edit the Content & Website?

Yes. Once the website is completed, we'll do training on how to manage the website. However, we do recommend that you hire a web master to manage the website. Or, you can outsource to us.

6. Do We Get Full Access?

Sure. You get to do what ever you want with your website.

7. Do You Accept New Website?

We specialise in website redesign because we like working with data. New website does not provide the insights that we are building. In turn, we can't promise a good outcome from experimentation.

We design simple & fun websites & marketing that is easy to digest and help you win more.

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Experience Laman7

Stories that we've created over the 19 years besides trolling people.

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