Challenge: Attracting Good Clients, Communicating Value


Reka Duo is architectural design and build specializing in residential & commercial projects with mid to high-end architectural style and quality.

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Edwin Masripan

The Situation

Relying on References for New Projects

When they came to us, the business is doing well. However they felt the need to prepare for steady flow of potential clients instead of relying on words of mouth -which can be unpredictable.

The Challenge

Getting Quality Client

One of the issues that were problematic is entertaining poor quality clients. The kind of clients who are ambitious yet does not want to spend appropriately. Reka Duo operates on limited resources, hence time is scarce and they have to be selective towards the project they work on.

The plan

Qualify Customers Through Portfolio

As most customers find him through references, having a well structured, well-designed portfolio website should be enough to introduce Reka Duo. Focusing on the kind of projects they delve into and their values. This website acts as a filter to filter mismatched prospects while attracting those who may be better suited and make better clients.

The plan

SEO Optimized

As Reka Duo attempts to stop relying on words of mouth alone, the website needs to be found with the right keywords. This one-time SEO optimization was good enough as a starting point.


More time for Quality Clients, More time Working on Projects

By showing the portfolio, Rekaduo saves hours of unproductive time meeting up, phone calls and back-and-forth messaging just to qualify whether the client is a fit. He now can focus more on sealing the deal with quality clients and work on the projects.

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