Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA)

Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transport (IMBRT) is a new BRT development for Iskandar Malaysia, Johor by IRDA. IMBRT is targeted to be completed by year 2021.

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Edwin Masripan

The Goal

Gain Support.

The goal of the website is to educate the public about the benefit of BRT as mode of public transport that will change how Johorians commute in the future.

Client was very clear about who they were targeting – which are youths that will be the main (working group) of BRT users of the future. They want to create an exciting website while being informational. 

The Challenge

Everything from Scratch.

Since the planning was at an early stage, there was nothing very tangible. We had to work with nothing. They also had to avoid photographs to avoid any future legal claims. 

The CEO asked to appoint us when Laman7, among other designers used the right BRT bus type in our Proof of Concept. Yes, we picked a cool-looking bus to make our design look good. 

The plan

Creating Experience To Excite

Creating experience to excite on the web is incredibly hard, but that’s what we were aiming for. The main idea is to inform while keeping the whole experience exciting and breezy to appeal to the youths. 

plan 1

Inform with Delight

We organized the information carefully, designing the content in infographic manner to retain to keep readers’ interests. The idea is to inform the public as they scroll through the first page and they are free to learn more about the details within each section.

Plan 2

Illustrate Like The Artist

Designing website interface without any visual materials is a difficult task. We took real photographs of Johor and illustrated the BRT stations a way that looked like artists’ impressions to help the public. Merging of photos and illustration helped the public to visualize ideas of BRT without thinking too much details. 

Plan 3

Optimized For Mobile

As the website was dedicated for the general public, mobile responsiveness was an important requirement. Hence, we worked hard to make it mobile responsive while keeping all the required information as organized as possible.

Plan 3

Bridging Communication

IRDA was previously receiving public feedback via Twitter and it proved to be cumbersome to compile and keep track of them. The contact form on the website helped to organize inquiries and feedback from the public.

the result

Informed Citizens are Supportive Citizens

The result is a website that is fun and exciting to use.Stakeholders from client side were very happy with the result. This website will serve as an informational website to gain the public’s support on this project.  

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project manager

Puteri Wardatul, IRDA

Content provider

Intan Darlina, IRDA


Edwin Masripan

Creative director

Aisyah Rozi


Aisyah Rozi

Information architect

Edwin Masripan

Project coordinator

Aisyah Rozi

SEO Work

Edwin Masripan

Web Designer

Aisyah Rozi

Website developer