The Challenge

Re-Imagining The Future for the People

Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transport (IMBRT) is a new BRT development for Iskandar Malaysia, Johor by Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA). IMBRT is targeted to be completed by year 2021.
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Creative Director
Edwin Masripan


The goal of the website is to educate the public about the benefit of BRT as mode of public transport that will change how Johorians commute in the future.

The client was very clear about who they were targeting - which are youths that will be the main (working group) of BRT users of the future. They want to create an exciting website while being informational.


Since the planning was at an early stage, there was nothing very tangible. We had to work with nothing. They also had to refrain from using photographs to avoid potential legal claims.


The main idea is to inform while keeping the whole experience exciting and breezy to appeal to the youths.

We organized the information carefully, designing the content in infographic manner to retain to keep readers’ interests.

We took real photographs of Johor and illustrated the BRT stations in a way that looked like artists’ impressions to help the public visualize without thinking too much about details.

The Progress

Hand Sketch
Hand Sketch
Hand Drawn Image


Informed Citizens are Supportive Citizens

The result is a website that is fun and exciting to use. Stakeholders from client-side were very happy with the result. This website will serve as an informational website to gain the public’s support for this project.

The Work

First View
IMBRT Phase 1
First Mobile view
Mobile view
Making sure everything fits

Great website developer to work with. Understood perfectly what I wanted and delivered project as expected.

Puteri Wardatul Hayat, Vice President, Stakeholder Engagements & Communications IRDA

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