Ministry of Transportation

The Challenge

Website UI is outdated, high bounce rate and high traffic call centre.

Ministry of Transport of Malaysia are the policy makers that covers four sectors; Land, Aviation, Logistics and Maritime. They regulate their policies by deploying enforcing government bodies and business operators.
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Creative Director
Edwin Masripan


The previous website was not easily navigated, so people were unable to find the information they need. In effect, the hotlines are overwhelmed with so many inquiries on daily basis.


As policymakers covering multiple sectors, there were a lot of parties that needed to be considered. Each have their own point of view and importance, which made it tricky to come up with an elegant, information architecture solution.


We started by auditing their previous site for some data insights and matching that via discovery workshop with their customer service and corporate communications. The detailed content analysis further helped us understand what needed to be done.

The Progress

Mock Example
Mock Example
Discovery Session
Content Briefing Session
Content Briefing Session
Findings and Reports


The new information architecture was designed to be user-centric and intention-based. The content now become more accessible and as result, they are getting much better feedback and the hotlines were able to give specific and useful help the public needed.

The Work

Instead of focusing on announcement, we focused on what they do.
Government announcement are usually across the board. We didn't want to undermine it's importance and use it as secondary content.
Dark Mode for conform of people who prefers to read in the dark.
Custom icons built to fit the design
Microsoft SharePoint, Animation and Dark Mode UI

Originally the plan was to build the website in 6 months. Due to direction from the top, we were required to complete within 3 months. It was a difficult feat, but Laman7 managed it. We're completely satisfied with their work and look forward to working with them again in the future. InsyaAllah

Anur Hadi, Project Manager

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