Challenge:Increasing Collection & Improve Reconciliation


Muslim Volunteer Malaysia (MVM) is an non-profit organization the operates to bridge other NGOs and government to help those in needs including poor families, orphans and small enterprise. Their actions are pivoted around the principle of “The Future Depends On What You Do Today”.

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Edwin Masripan

The Challenge

Ranked 32 on Google.
Outdated Design.
Factory Production is Not at Full Capacity.

Running multiple campaigns meant painful account reconciliations to ensure the money goes into the right funds. Moreover, MVM needed to put a spotlight on their three main causes which were Untukmu Syria, Untukmu Rohingya and PureHeart.

Muhammad, founder of MVM got in touch with Edwin about this, and it we said YES. It was a no-brainer.

The plan

3 Landing Pages, 1 site

Using multisite, we were able to create three landing pages with their own domain names yet using a single login to manage its content. The separate donation forms meant it’s easier to reconcile the funding in addition to unique billing IDs to help identify payments easier and faster.

plan 1

Everyone Can Take Part in Restoring Humanity.

A dedicated landing page is an opportunity to tell a story better. It contained crucial information about previous help provided by MVM. Images & videos were used to show the reality of conditions, gain sympathy and public’s support.

Plan 2

Optimized to be Found

Dedicated landing pages help the campaigns get found easier -an important factor when promoting cross-channels via offline channels such as radios and other charity events.

the result

Over RM500k collected within the first 3 months after launch.

The multisite landing page proved to be a success as not only it helped them reconcile the accounts easier, but also helped make it easy for the public to donate. The landing page helped the public focus on their desired action – donation.

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