Challenge:Preventable Fatality Due to Poor Awareness

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Edwin Masripan

The Situation

less public awareness of stroke treatment availability in hospitals

In Malaysia, stroke is one of the top five leading causes of death. Most people are not aware that not all hospitals are equipped to treat stroke patients, losing precious time to save and recover stroke patients to full recovery.

The Challenge

Making Hospital Search Accessible to All

At the time when we started, only 51 out of 384 hospitals are stroke-certified. Therefore, since time is of an essence, we need to come up with the fastest way to serve the stroke patients to the nearest hospital to them. We also needed to consider the different background of users and tech-savvy level.

The plan

The plan seems simple. Create a hospital finder for stroke-certified hospitals. We decided to go with a website, optimized for mobile instead of building an app to make it easily accessible during an emergency. FM Media who leads the campaign collaborated with Laman7 for the website part.


As Easy As Possible

As we aim to serve, the website should be as easy as possible. Easy to access, navigate and use. The locator detects the user’s location and searches for the nearest stroke-ready hospitals. Within that screen, the user will be able to learn whether it’s public or private hospitals and the operating hours.

the result

Increased Awareness in Public, Emergence of More Stroke-Ready Hospitals

We have had successful full recovery cases from our website users. The patients were able to get the right treatments in a timely manner as the kins helped locate the nearest stroke ready hospital.

The doctors are recommending the website for patients who are at risk of stroke. While other hospitals who are not stroke-ready began to be more aware and started to find ways to be better equipped. We see this as the beginning of accessible stroke healthcare across Malaysia.

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