Web Design & Development Pricing

Here’s our standard Web Design & Development Price. If you need an exact quote, please schedule a session with me. Let’s understand the core problem and solution before we jump the gun on pricing. All price are not final.

We use the Fair Price Policy. Learn more below (in FAQ).

Step 1: Strategy

“It starts with your mind. We become what we think. Think big to get big.”

Strategy is where the thinking is. Once we’re done with strategy, we’ll have a grand plan. Without strategy, there would be no plan. 

Step 2: Execute

“The real risk is doing nothing.” -Daniel Waitley.

Once we got our plans, it’s time to execute it. There will be 2 plans, one for you and one for me. And here’s what I can help you with.

Step 3: Kaizen

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” -Mark Twain.

Once we have the website ready, it’s time to further improve it. Get traffic in, measure it and optimise the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s a policy where both party buyer and seller enter into an agreement that creates a win-win situation. You don’t feel cheated, and we don’t feel underpaid. Both party are happy.

Yes and No. It depends.

For any web design and development (Step 2), we must have Step 1, because without the strategy, we won’t know what and how to build the website.

You can get Step 3 alone. It’s independent of Step 1 and 2. 

When you need to build a brand new or redesign a website.

Strategy is the best approach to understand your business goals, target market and business problems. By understanding your business, we’re able to meet your expectations, save tonnes of your time and money and get the right outcome you want for your business.

Frankly, I do not want to sell you something that does not take your business to the next level.

Sure you can. It’s your money and your choice. No hard feelings. We understand we’re not the cheapest nor the coolest design.

We use licensed Adobe products, notepads.

Content like images, copywriting are your responsibilities. We’ll help you along the way.

Mockup design is how the website will look like.

No, you can’t get a mockup design because it’s already 50% of the work. In order to produce a mockup, a strategy session must take place.

However, if you insist on mockup, I would recommend you take Strategy + UIUX design, roughly about RM3,000 together.

We mainly use WordPress as our CMS because of its’ simplicity, robustness, and SEO capabilities.

We don’t reject other CMS, but it may not be our main priority.

Web design is about how it looks. We development is about how it functions. The two can’t exist without each other.

Yes and No.

Yes. There are some Premium Plugins that we purchase as Agency license, which can be used in all our projects. 


Almost everything we do in-house. But we are no king of everything:

  1. Photography. We do have enough equipment for your needs, however if you require studio photoshoot, we’ll need our partners to help.
  2. Hard core programming. We’re talking about integrations with other systems, complex database structures, customised system flow.
  3. Copywriting. For huge content make over, we’ll hire external help because it speeds up development.
  4. Large media buy. If you campaign is big (more than 5 target products). We’d recommend you to hire media buy companies. They’d know what they’re doing.

Project delivered in 30 days or we work for free.

The terms: Pending project are due to our inability to complete the site within the time frame. Website with less than 20 pages (more pages, means more thorough checks).

Void Guarantee: When we have to wait for your decision and/or action. Change of design direction.

First of, there is no silver bullet for ROI. We (you and me) have got to do the work.

Once we are done with Strategy, we’ll have a plan and metrics. Follow and execute the plan, and optimise based on the metrics.

We have helped our customer to reach 400% ROI in the first year of rolling out the website. Yours

Sure you can. Go to the bottom of the page. Schedule a strategy session.

We’ll see if I can help solve your problem. If I can’t help you, there’s no need for me to quote you. Sounds fair?

Sounds Good? Got More Question?

We’ll make the call to you.