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Win No 1 Spot on Google? SEO service for hire —

As much as we'd like to sell you the no 1 spot, we can't. Because we don't own Google (neither do the people at Google can help you with that). But what we can do is deliver SEO service in Malaysia that will get you close the no 1 Spot.

Web Design Service - Discovery

We start by learning about your website and objectives. If it makes sense, then we will offer our SEO service.

— Edwin, Founder of Laman7

Does this sounds like you?

1 People can’t find you on Google (or Bing). You lose out on business opportunities.

2 People can’t find product information even though you spent on billboards and tv.

3 You don’t have time to learn SEO nor practise it freely in your organisation.

4 Scared that you may break the website or the current ranking?

5 Hired some ‘expert’ and did more harm to the website that good?

6 Want to reduce cost of marketing, either Google Ads or Facebook ads?

7 Want people to fall in love with your brand organically and grow business predictively.

Any Yes? Great. We can help you with SEO.

Seo Service:
No1 Spot is not easy.

Winning no 1 Spot on Google is not easy. There are more than 200 factors that you need to comply.

You can hire any SEO experts Malaysia, they will tell you the same thing, SEO depends on many factors. What differentiates SEO experts is their SEO Processes.

Here are 3 SEO areas you can start thinking about.

1Make People Stay Longer. Google recognise this is a legit website that addresses problems and questions.
2Produce High Quality Content. Quality attracts people and backlink. When you get recognition from the same niche, you become the source of truth.
3Logical Website Structure. Great user experience website that helps people navigate from one page to the other.

Don't worry too much about ranking.
Worry More about visitor experience.

Why Should you care about Visitor Experience? 
Google Algorithm has mature to understanding user intent, what they are ‘actually’ looking for and what they prefer to read. In other words, Google Search is trying to help people get better result.

Who will Google choose (to display on results)?
Websites that deliver the right result with good user experience.

SEO Results

speak to SEO Expert.

We are not going to school you, we’ll just talk, and research your website.

seo service malaysia - google my business

Simple SEO job
Anyone can follow

you are in safe hands

Avoid ...

Getting cheap backlinks you can buy immediately with USD 5 from Fiver.
False advertising of getting No 1 spot on Google (which will never happen).
Quick and dirty job that kills your current rank and which result in Google Ban.
Competitors win you customers before you have any chance.

And Get ...

Carefully crafted SEO (and Content creation) Plan for rank you website on Google.
Clean White Hat SEO service which gets on the ‘good side’ of Google.
SEO Dashboard that helps you to make an informed decision.
Backlinks from reputable websites that helps you rank higher.

Edwin Masripan

Marketing Strategist.

Can you guarantee no 1 spot on Google? Nope, no one can.

Unless they own Google and make changes to the algorithm to suit their needs, then I don’t think it’s possible to rank on Google easily.

But I do know what works, the right process. Using the right process may not win you no 1 spot, but it will certainly make people stay longer.

Can we beat Google SEO Algorithm?

Nope. Google has thousands of brilliant engineers, actuarial scientist, arguably the brightest of mind. It’s like trying to hack 

Is SEO Optimization (from Web Design) Enough?

SEO Optimization is from web design only tackles the On Page SEO. It only tells Google that this page is good enough to get ranked.

How many keywords in your SEO service?

If you are buying SEO service by keywords count, then you are doing it wrong. 

The truth is, everyone has different habits of performing searches online. One of our process is to understand what people typed in the search bar, and provide the best content.

SEO Package or Pay Per Hour?

Use SEO Package if this is your first time doing SEO on your website. Once you have started to see results, then you can go by the hour.

Ultimately pricing depends on the number of pages, work done and report and tracking.

Who is suitable for your SEO Service?

While we’d love to take everyone under our wing, not every business or website is suitable for us. Let’s talk, we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

What is your guarantee?

If you don’t rank at all, we’ll pay you back 100%. Keyword ranking depends on keyword difficulty. The more difficult, the more content and engagement you have to do.

Why should we hire Laman7?

Laman7 SEO team consist of Content Creators (Blogger since 2004), using premium tools, technical SEO and technical Website. We also have good relationship with reputable local news outlet.

How long do I have to pay?

Until you get to the desired position. Most common is around 6 months but we do encourage business to continue creating content, either internally or hired writer.

Our strategy has helped us grow our business. It works for our customers. It may work for you too.

Awesome website developer! It was the best working experience with you guys!
Laman7 helped us ranked on Google from page 3 to now no 3! That’s a big jump that none of us would know how to do it. They were efficient and helpful brainstorming with our marketing strategy for the website. Good luck to you guys!

Kamarul Fitri, Senior Engineer, Tamura.

Great experience with Laman7 team! They served us well with full commitment. Will definitely come again after this

Leezo Group

Less is more at best. Clean and neat, simplicity is the main theme for optimized user experience without jeopardizing functions. Highly recommended developer. MCOBA Football League website couldn’t be any better.

Imrilqis, MCOBA MFL Manager

So happy that dah siap semua. Good job Laman7. Love everything about the web

Azahin Nordin, Founder, Orius Media

It’s a great experience to be working on our website projects with Laman 7. They were very professional, time-efficient and helpful throughout the development of our websites. Their services are highly recommended. Thank you.

Ros Atiqah, Media Content Marketing, MVM

alhamdullilah okay. Sangat berpuas hati sebab boleh dibawa berbincang. Terima kasih ya sebab banyak membantu untuk hasilkan website kami ni

Nurfarahin Borhanuldin, Designer, Lia Nana Beauty