Linkedin Ads

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website

Capture maximum attention and dominate the top Search Result for your client's keywords.
“Marketing done right”
"Executed perfectly"
“Got us great leads”

They Don't Know You Exist

Your future clients are looking for ways to solve their problems and achieve their success. But they don't know you exists. Nor do you know how to capture their attention and run ads.

Target the Right Professionals for Your business

Missed Opportunities

Your competitors are on Linkedin, shouldn’t you be there?

Forget about you

They probably came across you once and completely forget about you.

Not generating leads

Your marketing materials will not magically appear in front of them.

You can't scale advertising

Sponsorship, print marketing is good, but you can’t scale them as easy as Linkedin.

Leading to Poor Revenue

They don’t know you, you don’t have leads, you can’t grow your revenue.

Linkedin Ads Scope

LinkedIn Ads is a powerful advertising platform offered by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform. It enables businesses to reach a highly targeted audience of professionals and decision-makers based on their job titles, industries, company sizes, and other relevant criteria.

Attractive and engaging content creates conversations. Linkedin Ads is done after the Website Revamp and Marketing Strategy takes place.

(Linkedin Ads is part of Awareness in Marketing Funnel)

Strategise Linkedin Ads

Prepare the copywriting and marketing collaterals for Linkedin Ads

Allocated Spending

We'll spend RM500 on Linkedin Ads for Testing.

Link to Marketing Funnel

Link the ads to the right campaign for the right target audience.

Setup Linkedin ads

We'll setup 3-5 Linkedin ads for your business.

Monitoring and Report

Produce report sharing the findings


Share the next action plan and convince you to put on more budget for Linkedin Ads.

Target the Right Audience

Expected outcome from Linkedin Ads

Creates new prospect
Increased authority in the industry
Visible when searching online
Generates leads effectively
24/7 promotion
Retargeting opportunity


How often do you change the creative?

We’ll run some initial test. If the hook is right, we’ll keep the ads going.

Do I have to pay for the ads?

Our contract does not include ads. It’s purely services. However, we do recommend that you allocate at least $1,000 per month to run ads.

When will you start running the ads?

We normally do this once the website is up so we can send valuable traffic there. We don’t want to waste clicks.

How many creative or ads do you make?

We’ll make 3 creatives per campaign per buyer stage.