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Reactive Marketing Hurts Sales

Without a marketing strategy, you may be in reactive (worst if passive) mode which hinders struggling business to find your solution. It also affects team productivity.

Lack of Direction

Scattered and unfocused approach, resources are wasted.

Inconsistent Branding

Struggle to maintain cohesive brand image leads to confusion.

Missed Competitive Advantage

Unable to highlight your USP and look the same as competition.

Marketing Strategy Scope

Laser Focused – Marketing Strategy

(Marketing Strategy is part of All in Marketing Funnel)

SWOT Analysis

Conduct a thorough assessment of the current marketing landscape, including market trends, customer behavior, competitive analysis, and internal strengths and weaknesses.

Marketing Asset Check

Asses currently available marketing assets to reuse, remove and optimised.

Target Audience Definition

Clearly define the target audience or customer segments that the marketing strategy aims to reach. Understand their demographics, preferences, needs, and pain points to tailor marketing efforts accordingly.


Create a compelling value proposition to differentiate your brand from competitors. Craft clear, impactful messaging that addresses customer pain points and communicates the brand's unique value.

Brand Voice

Develop a consistent and distinct brand voice so that your marketing channels work in harmony.

Marketing Channels

Determine the most effective marketing channels and tactics to reach your audience with a well-thought-out mix of online tools like social media, content marketing, email marketing, advertising, events, public relations, and more.

Product Research

Perform research on your solutions to solve the exact problem your clients are facing.

Past Customer Segmentation

Segmentise the clients you want to attract, and reject.

Funnel Strategy

Map out the customer's journey and touch points with our marketing assets.

Technology Stack

Determine the technology stack that you are comfortable using ensuring smooth workflow and automation.

Marketing Strategy Designed to Generate Leads

Expected outcome from Marketing Strategy

Increase Brand Awareness
Customer Acquisition
Improved Customer engagement
Gain Competitive Advantage
Customer Insights and Market
Strong market positioning


Do I have to make the Marketing Strategy?

Nope. We'll do everything for you.

Is the Marketing Strategy fixed?

It will be a moving document which we can further improve with your input.

Do I have to surrender all my marketing asset?

Yes, as much as you can give it to us so we can form some understanding what your business and competitive advantages.

Will you be calling my past clients?

Yes, you can turn in your current CRM for us to analyse. Identify the ones you like to work with and we'll perform the interviews.