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Can't Turn Prospect into Client

When you can't turn prospect into clients (at scale), you lose sales opportunities. The primary reason is because you don't really know about them enough to warrant a sale. Quiz marketing solves these challenges;

Never Missed an Opportunity Again

Low conversion rate

You get high traffic to website, but you can’t seem to close the sale.

Low engagement

Target market don’t really know how you company can solve your problem.

Lack personalisation

You can’t pitch to them correctly when you don’t know their context.

Quiz Marketing Scope

Quiz marketing is a strategy that involves creating and using interactive quizzes as a form of content marketing to engage with an audience, generate leads, and drive customer insights. It leverages the power of quizzes to capture the attention of users, provide personalised content, and gather valuable data about their preferences, behaviours, and interests.

Quiz marketing is suitable to push from leads to prospects in the marketing funnel.

Attractive and engaging quiz creates conversations.

(Quiz Marketing is part of Activation in Marketing Funnel)

Quiz Creation

Designing and developing engaging quizzes that align with the brand's objectives and target audience. This involves crafting compelling questions, interactive elements, and visually appealing quiz formats.

Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy that incorporates quizzes as part of the overall marketing plan. Aligning quiz topics with the brand's products, services, or industry to attract relevant leads and engage the target audience effectively.

Lead Generation Integration

Integrating lead capture forms within the quizzes to collect user data, such as name, email address, and other relevant information, allowing businesses to generate leads and build a subscriber list.


Implementing personalized quiz results based on user responses to deliver tailored content and recommendations, enhancing the user experience and increasing engagement.

Data Collection and Analysis

Collecting and analyzing user data from quiz responses to gain insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and interests. This data can be used for targeted marketing and customer segmentation.

Social Media Sharing

Ensuring quizzes are easily shareable on social media platforms to maximize their reach and potential to go viral, amplifying brand awareness and exposure.

Email Marketing Integration

Incorporating quiz marketing into email campaigns for lead nurturing and providing follow-up content based on quiz results to further engage with participants.

Results Measurement

Setting clear metrics to measure the effectiveness of quiz marketing campaigns, including conversion rates, engagement levels, lead generation, and social shares.

Viral Campaigns

Developing quizzes that encourage users to invite their friends and network to participate, creating a viral marketing effect that extends the quiz's reach.

User Experience Optimization

Ensuring the quiz interface is user-friendly, responsive, and compatible with different devices to provide a seamless experience for participants.

Brand Alignment

Ensuring the quizzes align with the brand's identity, voice, and values to maintain brand consistency throughout the marketing strategy.

Target Audience Segmentation

Identifying specific segments of the target audience to create quizzes that resonate with their interests, preferences, and pain points.

Easier to Close Sales

Expected outcome from Quiz Marketing

Enhanced customer relationship
Get to know their context and problems
Gain customer insight at scale
Enjoy higher conversion rate
Get Sharable PDF report
Turn clients into sales agent


How will you make the quiz?

The quiz will be based on your product framework. This way, we'll able to pry the prospect's problem and engage from their perspective instead of approaching from solution perspective.

Where is the quiz hosted?

We'll use a third party software to host the quiz

Who will come up with questions?

Your sales team and our consultant will figure this out, ensure that the result of the quiz is valuable and sharable to their boss.

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