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A shared dedicated Sales Task to stay on top of Opportunities
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Using Excel to Track Opportunities?

Do you email back and forth excel? Or bothered by the complex CRM that you are using? In a report by Sales Group (US), 54% of sales forced are bogged down by clerical work instead of doing sales work.

What Get Measured, Gets Managed

Poor sales visibility

You can’t keep track of current leads and keep chasing the wrong opportunities.

Fragmented Customer Data

Without a centralised system, customer data is often scattered across various departments and databases.

Inefficient Lead Management

Managing leads manually can lead to missed opportunities and delays in follow-ups.

Lack of Customer Insights

You don’t understand customer preferences, behaviour, and needs.

Hard to Transfer knowledge

Without CRM, you can’t transfer existing knowledge to new sales force.

Poor Customer Retention

Fail to nurture existing customer relationships can lead to lower customer retention rates.

Manual reporting

Waste time consolidating marketing and sales report

Simplified CRM Scope

A simplified CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a streamlined and user-friendly software or system designed to manage customer interactions and relationships in a straightforward and easy-to-use manner.

Unlike complex CRM systems that may have extensive features and functionalities, a simplified CRM focuses on essential tools to help businesses effectively track and manage customer data and interactions. CRM is different than Marketing Dashboard.

(Simplified CRM is part of Activation in Marketing Funnel)

Strategising CRM

Understanding and connecting all opportunities form the website

Integration with Systems

Integrate with other marketing assets, ensure that information is being passed on accurately.

User Adoption

Training to help you get on top of your CRM so they can manage their data

Sales Automation and Reporting

Send timely information and notification to perform follow ups

CRM Dashboard

Display all opportunities in a single page

Maintenance & Support

Ensure the CRM is working as intended

Continuous Improvements

Find better ways to enrich data and improving workflow

Systematic Approach to Sales Management

Expected outcome from Simplified CRM

Consolidated sales information
Enable lead tracking
Increase sales revenue
Improve customer engagement
Scalable at every level
Increase ROI
Marketing and Sales alignment


What system are you using?

We are using AirTable. It gets the job done.

Is your CRM secure?

Yes. Only authorise personnel can view the CRM

Can we use our own CRM?

Sure you can. However we will still use the CRM we’ve provided. This helps us to keep track of sales and win rates.

What core features are typically included in a simplified CRM?

A simplified CRM includes features such as contact management, lead tracking, task management, and basic reporting. It prioritizes essential functionalities to help businesses organize customer data, streamline communication, and track sales activities without overwhelming users with unnecessary complexities.

Is a simplified CRM suitable for small businesses or larger enterprises?

A simplified CRM is versatile and suitable for businesses of various sizes. Small businesses benefit from its straightforward approach, while larger enterprises appreciate its ease of use and quick implementation, especially in departments or teams that need a focused solution for customer management.

How easy is it to implement and integrate a simplified CRM into my existing processes?

Simplified CRMs are designed for easy implementation and integration. They typically offer user-friendly interfaces and straightforward setup processes. Integration with other tools and platforms is often simplified, ensuring a smooth transition into your existing workflows.

Can a simplified CRM scale as my business grows?

Yes, our simplified CRMs are scalable and can grow with your business. While they may not offer the extensive customization options of larger CRMs, they provide flexibility and scalability to accommodate the evolving needs of your business.