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Web Design for Construction Company

Edwin Masripan
Last Update: November 28, 2023
11 minutes read
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In this blog post, we will be exposing a comprehensive write up on web design for Construction company. The goal of the post is to help Construction companies in Malaysia to form the opinion on why do they need a website, how the website should look like, what should go in the website and how to strategist website for digital marketing.

You can jump to the topic as follows:

  1. Why Construction Company Need A Website.
  2. The Important Elements In Web Design For Construction Company.
  3. Top Premium Template, Web Design For Construction Company.
  4. 7 Top Web Design Construction Company In Malaysia
  5. Example Sitemap – Web Design For Construction Company.
  6. SEO – Web Design For Construction Company. Difficulty
  7. Helpful Advise You Need To Consider
  8. How To Integrate Website In Your Social Media Strategy
  9. Checklist Web Design For Construction Company.
  10. How to choose Your Web Designer If You Don’t Have Web Designer Friends
  11. Summary, Web Design For Construction Company

1. Why contractors need a website?

As the owner of constructions company, you must be thinking how to bring in more projects by expanding your reach. But, who should you reach?

In construction field, you need to be seen by the right target audience (new-movers, property developer, state and federal government, architects, etc). When in search for contractors, these targeted audiences normally look at your past projects, time of completion and build quality. While construction projects are expensive which might cost millions, what they’re looking for is the value for money. In this digital world, you need an online platform to establish your values and why choose you over others. 

Now, why website and how to reach them?

web design for construction company_why need website

Source: Hootsuite

In Malaysia, the average numbers of hours people spent using internet via any device are almost 9 hours per day. This is an opportunity for you to connect with your target audience. While they’re online, you can advertise your company with Video ads, Facebook ads, and Google ads. You will then drive them from the ads to your website. 

This will give you a broader reach compared to meeting offline and spreading flyers. Even though the offline method is still relevant, but by combining both methods (online+offline) you can cater wider target audience.

So, Here are 4 reasons why your construction company need a website.

4 Reasons your construction company need a website

Reason 1. To get leads

web design_to get leadsSince your target audience prefer to search everything they need on Google, the chances to convert from browsers into buyers is high when you can convince them with your awesome website. At the day, you’ll drive them to speak to your salesperson.

Reason 2. To showcase projects/portfolio

web design for construction company - cityscape

The construction industry is largely visual. So, the key is to show rather than telling them. Believe it or not, photos speak more about what you’re working on. Websites allow you to showcase your projects in a digital form that your target audience can access anytime, anywhere as long as they got the internet.

Reason 3. To do digital marketing

web design for architects_internet useAccording to Pew research, internet usage among adults rises by 5% in the last three years. Marketing is all about connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time. That means you have to be where they spend their time the most – the internet.

Reason 4. Post Sale Meeting

web design for architects_meetingAfter that ‘interview’ meeting with your target audience, and you’ve exchanged name cards. They would want to learn more about your firm. What better way to learn about your firm through your previous projects. They can do this easily from the website.

So, what do you need to have for an awesome web design for a construction company? See below.

2. the important elements in web design for construction company

Element 1: Blog/ Latest News/ Press Release

element web design for construction co_latest news

                                                        Source: smwilson.com

Gather leads from your blog. You can write blog posts regarding the latest innovation construction technology, events updates, etc. When your target audience read this and share it on social media, your post will be exposed wider and this helps to drive in more traffic to your website.

Element 2: Portfolio/Projects page

element web design for construction co_portfolio page

                                                   Source: www.conlay.com.my

Audience judge you based on your past projects. By having a powerful portfolio allows you to show your skills, knowledge, and experience. To have a powerful portfolio, use high-quality photos and classified them into ongoing, completed and upcoming projects so that clients see your progress clearly.

Element 3: Contact page

element web design for construction co_contact page

                                                Source: www.harperconstruction.com

It is essential for any business website to have a contact page. Make sure your contact information (phone no, address & email) is clear and visible for your audience to make a call. You can also use contact form for those who preferred to reach you by email.

Also, don’t forget your location. It’s an important parameter to gain trust.

Element 4: Services

element web design for construction co_service page

                                               Source: www.harperconstruction.com

Tell them what you do either building construction, renovation services, space optimization, etc.  But you can always say that you accept customized projects, but at least people have the ideas of the things your company offered that match their needs.

Element 5:Testimonials/reviews

element web design for construction co_reviews

“Monkey See, Monkey Do.’ When your target audiences see other people giving positive feedback on your service, it can convinces them to hire you for their project. It goes without saying, no one wants to be the lab rat, hiring a company that they’re unsure for their capabilities and achievements.

Element 6: Consistent branding

web design for construction company - we build creative construction company wordpress theme

Your logo, color scheme, and name should be consistent by keeping your brand’s tone and personality across the channel. It also helps your audience to have a connection with your brand.

Many construction companies use bright colors, especially red, yellow, orange and blue to remind the audience of the signs and equipment of construction sites. Besides, in the construction industry, safety is a priority. Yellow marks caution and energy.

Element 7: About us page

element web design for construction co_about us

Use facts and avoid overclaim like “We’re the best construction company in Malaysia”. Try to highlight the values that they’ll get from your service and how could you help them.

Based on the image above,  Sm Wilson did put a photo of their team. People trust someone better when they know who’s working behind and increase the chance of you getting hired.

Element 8: Awards

element web design for construction co_award recognition                                                       source:www.conlay.com.my

Instant credibility. It’s a simple psychology matter, being awarded make prospects view you differently. However, if you haven’t got one, don’t worry make use of your skills until you get one.

3. top premium template, web design for construction website

Here we gathered some top premium template for your construction company website that you can take as an inspiration. Hope this helps!

Source: colorlib.com

web design for construction company_t1
web design for construction company_t2
web design for construction company_t3
web design for construction company - neer clean construction company wordpress theme
web design for construction company - construction professional wordpress theme
web design for construction company - recover construction company website wp template

4. 7 Top Web Design Construction Company in Malaysia

Among all the construction companies in Malaysia, most of them have already realized the importance of having a website. Here we compiled the top 7 web design construction company in Malaysia that we think nailed the design.


TOP web design for construction co_conlay


web design for construction company - web design for construction co anas

c. BBR Construction System (M) Sdn Bhd

top web design for construction co_bbr


web design for construction company - web design for construction co quill


TOP web design for construction co_menta


web design for construction company - web design for construction co kyp


top web design for construction co_fluor

5. Example Sitemap – Web Design for Construction Company

Now, let’s have a look at the example of sitemap for your construction website. This may help you in organizing your pages and content of your website.

web design for construction company_sitemap website

6. SEO – Web Design for Construction Company Difficulty

web design for construction website_seo

*From ubersuggest 2.0*

First of all, let’s have a look at the keyword. The highest volume of searches, 2400 visitors. However, they are pretty generic. The keyword “Construction Company Malaysia” can bring to a wide meaning and very vague. This is called a broad match keyword. Adding words in before or after the keyword can give you a different result, this is what we call “long tail keyword”. Your keyword should be as specific as possible so that you can reach the right targeted prospects.

web design for construction company_seoYour company might want to focus more on building construction, thus you can go with a more specific keyword like “Building Construction Company in Malaysia”. Although the volume of searches is quite small compared to the generic one (170 vs 2400 searches) this is going to be your exact prospects. Prospects who search for the keyword comes with strong intentions to hire you as their contractors.

Even though the cost-per-click is quite low, Rm 0.46 but it doesn’t matter, you’re not going to pay it now. Besides, The paid difficulty (PD) is below 50% ( around 25%) making it less competitive. Most importantly, the SEO difficulty as stated in the table is 13. Meaning you got like 87% bright chances to rank your website on search engine.

In Laman7, we do apply these SEO techniques in developing our client’s website to ensure their website really brings in more revenue instead of just a displaying purpose.

7. Helpful Advise You Need to Consider

  • High-resolution images, Need to optimized

web design for construction company - computerTo make your images stand out, use high-resolution images. However, you need to optimize it before you insert it on your website. A website which consists of large media size will become slow.

You can download Riot Image Optimizer tool. It’s free. (put link)

  • Use a white background, it makes your project photos stand out

To make your project photos stand out, make sure it doesn’t fight with the background. White background is recommended.

  • Get website updated regularly

web design for construction company_tweakIt’s important so that your website doesn’t look like an abandoned house. Share your progress on the completed project, running projects or even the upcoming one on the blog.

At least they know your company “breathing” healthily.

  • Watermarking images

Consider watermarking your images. Don’t make it to obvious or bold. Just a mark at the corner of your images with your name, logo and website URL. If someone seeing it anywhere on social media and really liking it, they’ll know where to find you.

  • Build professional looking web design to gain trust

web design for construction company - pageA professional website not only means the business owner concern about their business and their online image but also create the feeling of trustworthy and safe to give their personal details and hire you.

Avoid flash website. You surely don’t want to be seen as a scammer.

  • Hire a professional web designer to build your website

Hiring a professional may seem costly to invest, but the likelihood of success is higher than the initial cost. The professionals know what it has to take to make your website looks professional and this is important to gain credibility.

Here at Laman7, we focus on the conversion rates of your website. We do some research about your market and niche and come out with the latest design to fit in your audience.

So, now you have seen how important it is for a construction company to have a website in order to grow to reach and leads.

8. How to Integrate Website in Your Social Media Strategy

Picture of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram leading back to the website.

web design for construction company - social mediaIt goes without saying, in this day of age it’s about soft selling, the medium of choice is Social Media. So you probably have a social media account for your company, but how do you integrate into the website?

The best way for your construction company is to get traffic to your website and retarget them using Facebook Pixel or Google Ads Remarketing.

A construction company is similar to our nature, we serve businesses (or at least answer to a minimum of 2 persons) for our services. So it’s very hard to get sales from Social Media. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a piece of their mindshare.

For the first time, they land on your page, try to get at least 7 times (frequency) for 7 days straight (via Facebook ads or Google Ads). Leave an impression, make it memorable.

9. Checklist Web Design for Construction company

WANT TO BUILD A WEBSITE?Download our checklist below for FREE.DOWNLOAD AS PDF

10. How to Choose Your Web Designer if you don’t have web designer friends

  • Look at their style

Every designer has their own style. You can look at their style from their existing portfolios and previous projects. From there you’ll be able to expect how will your website looks like. 

web design for construction company_web developer
  • Ongoing support

Websites need to be continually updated to keep up the efficiency and functionality. Thus, you need to find a web designer who supports you and get prompt service at a reasonable price to fix technical issues and amendments in future.   

  • Experience

How many websites have they built? How long has their company been in business designing websites? Look at how they play with colors, is it balanced? Do the websites load fast? Do their web pages navigation clear enough? Experience web designers must already know the do and don’ts in web design. 

Experience is expensive. You’re actually paying for the value you’ll get.

11. Summary,web design for construction company

To sum up, web design for Construction company is not really an easy task. You need to consider 3 major factors:

  1. Content – being your portfolio and images
  2. Technical – the design and mechanics behind the website and lastly
  3. Marketing – how do you intend to promote your website.

There’s no point on having a website that does not generate any traffic or prospecting any interest.

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Good luck, Your Website Matters.

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