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We believe growth happens when all marketing strategy are in perfect harmony. It starts with your website. Because there is no point in building a website if it does not support your business.

Web Design Service - Discovery

We listen to you, understand your challenges, only then we know if we can help you.

— Edwin, Founder of Laman7

Do You Wish to attract
Ideal Customers?

1 Do you want more leads from your website? Do you want to improve relationship with visitors?

2 Do you want an unfair advantage against your competitors?

3 Are you doing marketing the right way or just testing to see which sticks?

4 Does your message confuse your visitors, prospects and customers?

5 Are you skeptical about digital marketing from a negative experience?

6 Don’t know what’s wrong with your website design?

7 Do you want to grow your brand?

Yes? We can help you design your website the right way.

Typical way to
redesign a website

RESULT: Lost of opportunities, poor performing website, wasted marketing budgets & efforts.

Right Way to
Redesign a Website

1Audit the current website. See what works, what doesn’t.
2Create a strategy, story and define the goals you want the website to achieve.
3Build content & website around website strategy and story.
4Empower the sales team & marketing team with consistent & effective story.
5Replicate the story on other marketing channel, email, social media.
6Add more content to generate more leads, better google ranking.
7Measure the outcome and adjust marketing accordingly.

RESULT: Web Design Generate More Leads, Happy Clients, Successful Business.

Results from
Our Customers.


Challenge Outdated website, poor content messaging, low SEO rank.

Process Strategise the goal & the content, do photoshoot, redesign the website.

Result Top 3 for Keywords Google search, x4 more traffic, x5 leads generated.


Challenge New campaign, no angle to attack.

Process Strategise the goal & the content, do photoshoot, design the website.

Result Closed over RM 300k from website.

speak to specialist.

We employ no salesman, we are not pushy, we are here to listen.

Free ebook to help b2b
generate more leads.

you are in safe hands

Avoid ...

Website that doesn’t do anything to help your business grow.
Wasteful marketing budget with so-so performance.
Syok Sendiri looking website that is slow loading, unoptimized and unattractive.
Competitors win you customers before you have any chance.

And Get ...

Website that is designed to generate more leads for your business.
An effective marketing playbook that you can use for other channels.
Eager prospects who can’t wait to make the purchase.
Predictive, Scalable & Repeatable sales revenue source.

Edwin Masripan

Marketing Strategist.

Will the new redesign website definitely generate sales for me?
I don't know.

Here’s what I do know. I’ve tried a hundred different marketing tactics, paid Facebook Ads, Google Ads, blogging, SEO, attended many seminars, became speaker, appeared on TV & Radio and burned through thousands of dollars.

Do you know what works? the Right Website.

I performed a marketing audit, changed my marketing strategy and craft better message. I have turned from a 2 leads per week web design agency to 15 (that’s enough for our size).

What is Strategy?

In Strategy Session, we’ll discuss what you need to know about your customers, their pain and gain, what can you do to help them and use these points as your story. We then build a website around it.

Can we skip Strategy?

No. There is no point building anything without thinking and laying out the plan.

How much do you charge?

It deepens how big of a challenge you want to solve. We have a starting price. Most of the time our customers are able to recoup the investment in less than 6 months.

Our strategy has helped us grow our business. It works for our customers. It may work for you too.

Awesome website developer! It was the best working experience with you guys!
Laman7 helped us ranked on Google from page 3 to now no 3! That’s a big jump that none of us would know how to do it. They were efficient and helpful brainstorming with our marketing strategy for the website. Good luck to you guys!

Kamarul Fitri, Senior Engineer, Tamura.

Great experience with Laman7 team! They served us well with full commitment. Will definitely come again after this

Leezo Group

Less is more at best. Clean and neat, simplicity is the main theme for optimized user experience without jeopardizing functions. Highly recommended developer. MCOBA Football League website couldn’t be any better.

Imrilqis, MCOBA MFL Manager

So happy that dah siap semua. Good job Laman7. Love everything about the web

Azahin Nordin, Founder, Orius Media

It’s a great experience to be working on our website projects with Laman 7. They were very professional, time-efficient and helpful throughout the development of our websites. Their services are highly recommended. Thank you.

Ros Atiqah, Media Content Marketing, MVM

alhamdullilah okay. Sangat berpuas hati sebab boleh dibawa berbincang. Terima kasih ya sebab banyak membantu untuk hasilkan website kami ni

Nurfarahin Borhanuldin, Designer, Lia Nana Beauty