Website Revamp Malaysia

Gets You Eager To Share Your New Website.

So good you want to show it to everyone.

Outdated Website

The website design is dated, complex and confusing. As much as possible, you do not want prospect to find the website. This hinders potential growth no matter how good the operation is.

Visitors get lost in website and often think, "is this a reputable company or a shop lot business?".

Appear Bigger & Better

Marketing is a battle of perception. A small company can look big, a big company can look petty. Where do people find single source of truth about a company? That's right, the Website.

Designed Intimacy

Humans are curious creature and like to explore. Therefore, we design a slippery slope to pull visitors deeper into the website.

Make it simple and easy to use so that people take action. Curiosity breeds intimacy.

Steps to Revamp a Website

01 Research & Think

Define the goal, set metrics, understand your business & data.

02 Design & Code

Design user flow, sketch, mockup and then code.

03 Launch

Let everyone know about the new website.

Pricing for Revamp

for Small Websites
Design Research & Strategy 
Interactive Web Design
2 x Design Options
Up to 10 pages
1 x Contact Form
SEO Ready
1 Month Completion
Extra How to Create USP (Guide)
Extra Copywriting for Website (Guide)
for Mid-size Websites
Everything in Basic
Up to 20 pages
2 x Contact Form
1 x Advanced Form
Extra Lead Generation Strategy
Extra Blog Content Ideas
Extra Setting Unfair Advantage
2 Month Completion
for Large Websites
Built custom according to Goals
Custom coded on any CMS
Let's Talk

What's the ROI of Website Revamp?

It depends on your business goals. One customer managed to close a RM1.4 mil job within the first month, the other, had to expand/ extend operation line due to high orders.

If you want growth, we can be a team. If you "just want it out there", then we can't help you.
"Love working with these guys. Before this, I was quite shy to show our website. Now, I feel more confident, like someone has my back."
William Chan
Kawasaki Gas Turbine Asia
"We are using SharePoint. It's difficult to built and code. Laman7 built it in 3 months. The website is easier to navigate and lower bounce rate than before."
Annur Hadi Hashim 
Project Manager, Ministry of Transportation Malaysia

We design simple & fun websites & marketing that is easy to digest and help you win more.

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