WordPress Maintenance?

Maintaining a WordPress website is not always butterflies and rainbows. 

You click update, and expect everything to fly smoothly, until an error pops up and it’s all downhill from there. Worst thing that can happen to any business is having a failed website at a critical time.

WordPress Maintenance

According to Pareto’s Law of 80/20, 20% of your effort spent on your website will bear fruits and help your bottom line. Unfortunately, 80% of your effort is spent on tedious task of managing WordPress. With years of experience of maintaining WordPress, we have the strict guidelines for our teams to ensure that your WordPress website gets the best attention.

Monitor & Manage Your Downtime 24/7

Know exactly when it happens and why. By knowing these answers you can plan to scale up your server or optimize the delivery of your WordPress. Our bots help monitor your traffic and server load 24/7. We’ll advise if it’s time to scale up.

WordPress Optimization

Deliver content in the fastest possible manner. Your customers will love you for making their lives easier. Besides, who likes melted ice cream? We’ll help you compress your images files and optimize your content delivery.

Real-Time Backup

First rule of Computer Science Degree, always save. CTRL + S is your friend. But the best yet, is to autosave for every changes you made on your website. We’ll manage your backups and restore when you request for it.

Fix Error on Page

Errors are an eye sore. With each error you stand to lose your customers’ trust. Fret not, we’ll be on the watch and fix errors when it happens, ensuring that your customers are in safe hands.

Downtime is Like Empty Shelf

Unplanned downtime is probably the worst that can happen to your business. It’s like going to a retail shop, but has an empty shelf. Don’t be that business. Your website is your best business companion, treat it right.

Give it a good maintenance every now and then.

What Our Customer Tells Us

Best Working Experience

5.0 rating

Awesome website developer! It was the best working experience with you guys!
Laman7 helped us ranked on Google from page 3 to now no 3! That’s a big jump that none of us would know how to do it. They were efficient and helpful brainstorming with our marketing strategy for the website. Good luck to you guys!

Kamarul Fitri, Senior Engineer, Tamura.

Committed and Great Experience

5.0 rating

Great experience with Laman7 team! They served us well with full commitment. Will definitely come again after this

Leezo Group

Less is More at Best!

5.0 rating

Less is more at best. Clean and neat, simplicity is the main theme for optimized user experience without jeopardizing functions. Highly recommended developer. MCOBA Football League website couldn’t be any better.

Imrilqis, MCOBA MFL Manager

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Edwin Masripan has been building and maintaining websites since 2001. He is very well versed in WordPress and actively participates in WP development.

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