7 Ways to Make Your WordPress Loads Faster, Rank Higher on Google

Is your website slow? Do people have to wait for your content? More pertinent question, do visitors really have the patience to wait?

In a study by Microsoft, people lose focus after 8 seconds. So if your website loads in 6 seconds, you only have 2 more to go. And that's not enough to keep visitors on the website. Golden rule: More time spent on the website, the more they learn.

You want to rank higher on Google? You've got to make Google happy. Google is ONLY interested in serving the best content and experience for its' users. Here's a couple of basic ideas to make your WordPress website faster.

Here's 7 ways to make your WordPress sings and loads at blistering speed.

Use Cloud Hosting for Faster WordPress

The cheapest is USD 5/mon. However, managing it can be a huge pain if you have no idea how to set up a Web Server. Use a location near your visitors. DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS Light Sail, Google Cloud, pick one. Anyone will do just fine.

To manage your server, you can use RunCloud, Cloudways. Again, it doesn't matter which one.

Optimize All Your Pictures

Compress, resize, shrink. PNG and JPG can be compressed further to reduce the size. Generally, I stick to 95% quality because people don't need to print those pictures.

Try to aim lesser than 100kb per image.

7 Ways to Make Your WordPress Loads Faster, Rank Higher on Google 1

Crop Picture According to Display Size

Crop your image to your needs. On website: 300x200px. Crop this big only. Most of the time people upload from the camera, straight to the website. It becomes too big. For cropping, I use Photoscape.

7 Ways to Make Your WordPress Loads Faster, Rank Higher on Google 2

Remove Unnecessary Codes CSS & JS

WordPress loads so many unnecessary codes (which are not used) on the website. For WordPress, you can use https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-asset-clean-up/… It takes a slight technical skill to identify which codes are in use.

Use Cache

Cache processes the codes and stores them as temporary memory. Like how you memorize 2x5. It's at the top of your brain. There are many caches solution, all works fine. The difference is UI and knowing what to use. I like WP Rocket

Load lesser files

If you're using Themes like Salient, Ocean, BeTheme, etc, they normally include all the features that you don't need. They can be disabled/enabled in their control panel. Figure out what you need, disable the ones you don't use.

Reuse codes as often

If you're using Elementor, all the pages will have a unique CSS file. Which is something we don't want. We want to load the CSS once. And use it as often as possible. When you design, make sure to reuse the same component as much as possible.

Test WordPress Speed

You can use GTMetrix or Pingdom, but it's too slow to show results. And the servers are far. Use the built-in Lighthouse in Chrome Developer Tools. Optimizing a website can take a full day.

7 Ways to Make Your WordPress Loads Faster, Rank Higher on Google 3

I draw the line at 90 (score) or lesser than 3 seconds. There's no point in doing anything quicker unless you are serving 1,000 people in a single session. Until then. Good luck.

Ultimate Guide for SEO Malaysia Price (Get Quality Service)

The SEO charge in Malaysia is roughly between RM 1,000 to RM 7,000 per month.

Continue reading to learn more how SEO Pricing works in Malaysia.

Search Engine Optimization (seo) Malaysia Definition

To be clear, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Primarily used to get better ranking on Google (it can be for other search engine too. But since 93% of searches come from Google, we use the term SEO for Google.)

In short, SEO is Rank on Google.

In this post, we will talk about SEO pricing in Malaysia. How much does it cost, why is it expensive and what kind of ROI can you get from SEO.

At the end of this post, I want you to be able to evaluate and get a High-Quality SEO service.

SEO Malaysia Price depends on a few factors such as these;

Your SEO Objectives (end goal)

What do you want to achieve from SEO activities? How are you going to use the traffic? What do you want to rank for? Is this for Branding or Marketing?

The bigger the objectives, the bigger the SEO scope will be.

Keyword Difficulty.

For example: Amongst the most difficult keywords to rank in Malaysia is the insurance business.

SEO Malaysia Price - Keyword difficulty

(For context, the lower the number the easier it is)

The more difficult the keyword, the more work that has to be in place. It is not impossible to rank, but it will be ultimately expensive. It boils down to whether it makes business sense to invest in such a keyword.

Quality and Experience.

No SEO Company in Malaysia is the same. Everyone has different backgrounds, different approaches, different processes, and frameworks.

Suffice to say, more experience an SEO company has, the better the outcome and result.

SEO Work Scope

There are 4 parts to deliver an SEO project.

More work, more time required to deliver, hence more money.

We will go deeper into the work scope later in the post.

The final formula is the following

SEO Malaysia Price - Formula

Keyword Difficulty + Quality and Experience + SEO Work Scope = SEO Price.

That's one confusing answer. Let's dive deeper.

Why SEO Charges in Malaysia Differs?

I would say it depends on the confidence level of an SEO agency. That being said, if an SEO agency guarantees no 1 spot on Google, you should run away as fast as you can.

No one can promise no 1 spot on Google. (Unless they offer 100% money back.)

Cheapest SEO service does not mean it’s bad (but mostly like it is the worst). Expensive SEO service does not mean it’s good too (but it will be less damaging).

What you want to look for is not so much of experience, rather the work quality that is being done.

  1. What are they proposing?
  2. Are they consulting you?
  3. Keyword Research.
  4. Did they research your target market?
  5. Did they research your competitors?
  6. Did they comply with SEO best practices
  7. How did they get the backlinks?
  8. What kind of report are they producing for you?
  9. What tools are they using?

Should You Work with Freelancer or SEO Agency Malaysia?

It ultimately boils down to your budget. If you can and willing to spend more than RM 5,000 per month, go with SEO Agency. If not, work with freelancers.

New Website and New Business

I would highly recommend you start with Facebook ads and Google ads. Not only it will help you validate your business quicker, but it will also help to bring more sales quickly.

The only service suitable for a new website and business is SEO consultancy in which you will get something like the following.’ You pay around RM 2,000 - 5,000 for the SEO research.

New Website and Old Business

You have a solid customer base. People buy without thinking or care much about the price. That’s great.

What you can do is start targeting local SEO. Win the local market SEO keywords.

Suitable SEO Solution

You can work with either freelancer or SEO agency on this.

Old Website and Old Business

Your domain has mature and so is your business. Your goal is no longer about marketing, it’s brand positioning. You want to remind people about your business (brand).

The biggest challenge is fixing your website to ensure that the ranked page is not affected by the new changes.

SEO Services that you might need.

SEO Freelancer vs SEO Agency

To work with SEO freelancers or SEO agencies, it's a difficult choice.

SEO Freelancer SEO Agency
✅ Cheaper Rate 🚫 Average to a Higher hourly rate
🚫 Does not have back up (people) ✅ Assigned to dedicated Account Managers
🚫 Limited Tools (budget cautious) ✅ Precision Data Tools (spread the cost between customers)
🚫 Often does not have a stable process ✅ Refined SEO Process
✅ Flexible hours (call anytime) 🚫 Fixed working hours.
🚫 Has other day jobs ✅ Fixed on the job
🚫 Lower accountability ✅ Accountability on the project
🚫 Lacks contracts and legal entities. ✅Legal Process and due diligent

It truly depends on what state of business you are in. If you have the budget and want to work professional people, then SEO Agency is for you. If you want to get it up and running soonest, then a freelancer is the way to go.

List of Top SEO Company Malaysia

Here’s a list of SEO specialist Malaysia.

Company Price Range Customers
Bikebear Starts at RM2,500 per month SuriaKLCC, GBS Iskandar, StorageBloc
Exabytes Digital Starts at RM1,000 per month Sunshine, Aimst University, IdealLite
Laman7 SEO Starts at RM 2,500 per month Tamura, Toshiba, SIRIM
NavenPillai (Freelance) Starts at RM 3,500 per month Naruto Guides, Usedcomptuer, Dental
Azham Zanal (Freelance & Mentor) Starts at RM 2,500 per month Malaysia Tourism

Disclaimer: I have never worked with these SEO experts Malaysia (except for the last one, I did attend his class), but I do read their content and it’s legit and trustworthy.

For more list, you can refer to https://www.trustedmalaysia.com/best-seo-malaysia/

SEO Package Malaysia or Custom SEO Service Malaysia?

I personally do not like the SEO package because it’s too rigid. However, it does make it simple for first time SEO buyers.

(Despite saying that, we also have an SEO Packages.)

Typical SEO Package contains the following: Number of keywords, articles per month, backlink etc.

SEO package is complete for first time SEO service.

Custom SEO Service: Pick and choose what you like based on your SEO goal.

You think of it as dining at McDonald's or fancy restaurants. While McDonald’s combo meal can satisfy your hunger, it would not be as meaningful and satisfying as fine dining steak.

It truly depends on your eating or dining goal, staying alive, or celebrating a job promotion.

If you think SEO Price Malaysia is expensive, wait till you see other countries.

SEO Price Malaysia is expensive for our money, but it’s most definitely cheaper than in other countries.

SEO is a highly-skilled job that requires multiple disciplines like, coding, marketing, copywriting, and relationship building.

02 SEO Hourly Rates by Region

Cheapest SEO pricing is India, with hourly rate of USD 25 or less. While the rest of the developed nation is between USD 75 - USD 150.

As you can see, SEO expert Malaysia is a lot cheaper than in developed countries.

SEO Pricing Method

There are several ways an SEO agency charges for the SEO works. Here are a few;

Per hour - You pay by the hour. The price is premium but offers the best-targetted scope. However, the downside is that it may cost a lot if you decided to change direction and redo the entire SEO.

Per month - Or retainer model. This works best if you want new articles or blog posts every week (or month).

Per project - One-time charge. Fix your technical SEO, add new blog posts, and get a new backlink. Call it a day. This works best for small businesses that is new to SEO.

Do I need an SEO Monthly Plan?

It depends on your goal. For example, I have worked with a property developer for 1 year. During that 1 year, they have managed to sell all their units. It makes no sense to keep an SEO consultant (like me) on retainer fees.

If you do not have an SEO expert in-house or dedicated writer, go for SEO monthly plan. Outsource the work. 20 hours per month is a great start.

If you are a small business, and the price is an issue, I recommend you learn SEO and get one or two of your staff to write content once or twice a month. There are many paid SEO training and free resources like backlinko and Neil Patel.

Also, make sure you register for Google My Business. Download the Google My Business Guide.

If you are a government agency or large company. Create a checklist so that your corporate comp can follow the guidelines on what to post and not post.

SEO Price Based on Keywords

As an SEO expert Malaysia, I do not like the idea of selling based on the number of keywords because it does not make sense.

Every keyword has different keywords difficulty and importance. This will determine the work scope required to win such keywords. Therefore they have different weightage and prices.

Buying keywords in bulk !@#!$!@

Our SEO Work Scope

Laman7 SEO Consultancy Services. Our work scope.

Discovery* Understand the function of the website and business objectives.
Full Website Audit* Laman7 will study every page on the website and match with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
Keyword Analysis* Explore keywords related to the website. Customer to provide preliminary keyword. Laman7 will suggest new keywords.
Competitor Analysis* Customer to suggest the competitors. Laman7 will identify the key traffic source and keywords to rank for on Search Engine.
SEO Dashboard Setup* The Customer can view Google Analytics and Google Search Console data from a single source.
Content Planning* Plan content for the entire site to get more traffic. The plan is based on User Journey.
Technical SEO* HTTPS setup (fix)
Setup SEO Plugin
Speed Optimization
HTML Structure
Backlink Submission Links will be submitted to relevant websites listings.
Content Creation

Write and publish content (articles) on the customer website. Complete with on-page technical SEO, Graphics, Search engine submission, SEO Structured Data.

x1 article (±1200 words)

Backlink Content

Create and publish content (articles) on related websites to get backlinks. Min 600 words, on-page SEO.

x1 articles (±600 words)

SEO Report Monthly SEO Report
Keyword Monitoring Monitor the ranking of the keyword daily or weekly basis.


The ones with asterisk* are one-time charges and the rest are on a monthly retainer.

SEO Malaysia Price vs Return on Investment

More traffic does not mean more sales. In theory, yes, but in reality, it won’t.

What you can get from SEO is mostly traffic. It will not directly translate to bigger revenue. To improve your revenue, you need to have a marketing funnel.

To get more sales from the website, you need a good understanding of what your customer wants and deliver it to them. This includes high-quality product image, case studies, persuasive copywriting, and hard-to-resist offer.

You can directly measure your return using Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). For example, you spend RM20k for SEO. You are able to attract 100 customers. Your CPA is RM200 per customer.

If your margin is more than RM 200 per transaction. That’s good. Now you need to focus on retaining the customer through upsells and sorts.

Don’t Be Cheap with SEO

My last word is do not ever try to discount on SEO. There a reason why it’s cheap. It could be automated and full of spammy links.

You risk damaging your entire website because you are trying to save money.

Bottomline of SEO. You either pay for good SEO or don’t pay anything at all. When it comes to SEO Malaysia price, I personally think we are the cheapest in the region and possibly worldwide.

And if you want to pay the smallest amount of money, do Facebook ads and Google Ads.

Summary of SEO Malaysia Price

How much does SEO cost Malaysia?

It really depends on what you want to achieve. I’d say a safe budget is around RM3k to 15k per month for SEO Malaysia price.

Anything lower than that, you are probably get scammed. Anything higher, you should expect the No 1 result on every page and the best quality reporting.

So there you have it, SEO Price in Malaysia explained. I hope this made this sense. If you’d like to learn more about our SEO service, check out our sales SEO page.

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How To Share Google Analytics and Google Search Console Quickly

Google Analytics is a handy tool to help you understand visitor behavior on the website. More prominent data are, no of visitors, time on page, source of medium and bounce rate.
Learn Basic Google Analytics.

Why Share Google Analytics?

There are many reasons why you need to share Google Analytics. Here are some reasons.

You are hiring external help.

Before you hire SEO professionals, Digital Marketers, or web designers they need to know what they are working with. Without knowing the root cause of the problem it would be difficult to plan or create content that suits the website.

You need to perform a website Audit.

The best way to perform a website audit is to allow others (trusted people) to access your website data.

To make informed decisions.

Decisions can be made logically without using hunch, gut instinct or hearsay. Collective data is unbiased and reveals the true nature of the website.

Add User to Google Analytics

Here are the steps to share the Google Analytics report.
1. Login to Google Analytics.

How To Share Google Analytics and Google Search Console Quickly 4

2. Click on ‘Admin’

Share Google Analytics - Select View User Management

3. Click ‘View User Management’ under ‘View’ tab.

share google analytics-3
4. Click on ‘+’ button on top right corner

share google analytics - add email address

5. Enter the email address (it has to be ‘Google ready account’).

6. Select the permissions.

7. Click ‘Add’ once you are done.

Precautionary Actions in Sharing Google Analytics.

Revealing Google Analytics to an unknown or undisclosed party is never a good idea. You can take this action

Here’s how you can remove users from Google Analytics.

Share Google Analytics - Remove Users

  1. Go to Admin > View User Management
  2. Select the users you want to remove.
  3. Click 'Remove'


Add User to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is different from Google Analytics. Which Google Analytics is about how visitors behave on the website, Google Search Console is focused on how people get to the website from Google search results.
1. Login to Google Search Console

Share Google Search Console - Login, Click settings

2. Scroll down on left and click ‘Settings’.

Share Google Search Console - choose user permission

3. Click on ‘Users and permissions’

Share Google Search Console - Click add users

4. Click on ‘Add User’

Share Google Search Console - Set to Restricted

5. Enter a Google Account, set to Restricted.

Precautionary Actions in Google Search Console.

Frequently Asked Questions (Sharing access)

1. Google analytics add user non gmail account.

You can, only if they have Google services attached to the account. (They don’t use Google as email)

2. Import dashboard Google Analytics

You can import the Dashboard report easily into any Google Analytics account. Go here https://analytics.google.com/analytics/gallery/ and add from your dashboard.

3. Google Analytics access levels

There are many levels, depending on what you want the external users to access.

For more information, you can read official Google Analytics help.

4. Google Search Console access levels

There are 3 levels, Owner, Full and Restricted. I highly recommend that you set external users to restrict.

More on access level Google Search Console access help.

5. ‘google analytics you do not have sufficient permissions to modify the users on this account.’ Error

This means that the user does not have access to Google Analytics. You can change the permissions to read/write from Google Analytics view.

Admin > View > User Management > ‘Add permissions for:’

6. Is Google Analytics Data sensitive?

Yes. You should keep it safe. In the wrong hands, they might change the Goal, settings and revoke permission causing lots more problems.

7. What can you do with these data?

These data reveals the weakness and strength on a particular website. What competitors can do, is learn how it gets traffic, which is the popular content and how to 'steal' these traffic.

Should You Share Your GA and GSC Data?

The answer is, it depends.

Do you need external help? If yes, then by all means share the data. Without data, there is no way you can optmize the SEO of the website.

No. If the user (or staff) has left the company, then you should remove the user in fear that they will share the information with competitors.

Wrap Up Google Analytics & Google Search Console Sharing

I have showed you how to share Google Analytics dashboard. What’s most important here is not who you share it, but what these data mean to your website and business.
Also, remove the users that are no longer requires access. We don’t website data to fall into the wrong hands.

Learn more about our SEO Malaysia service.


15 SEO Tactics 2020 - For New Website

You have just completed your website, and now you want to be listed on Search Engine (Google) as quickly as possible. This guide will show you exactly what you should do for your SEO tactics in 2020.

Why Rank on Search Engine?

  1. Because it’s free. You don’t have to pay a single cent to be rank on Search Engine, however, the effort for SEO is not.
  2. Increase Awareness, so your prospect can find you.
  3. Generate Sales Lead, get potential sales from your website (it’s the only reasonable reason for having a website).

The Right SEO Expectation

  1. Your website will rank in 3-6 months. Depending on your SEO efforts.
  2. You will not be no. 1 immediately.
  3. It’s a long game. Whatever you do today, may reflect in 2-3 weeks time.
  4. You don’t have to check for daily signals, once a week is good enough.

The 15 SEO Tactics 2020 for New Websites

Now that we know why rank on Search Engines and have set the right expectations, it’s down to what you can do. I am going to split into 2 groups, short term and long term.

Quick SEO Tactics 2020 you can do (5~10 mins)

1. Register Search Engine Console

There are 3 main ones.

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Bing Webmaster Tool
  3. Yandex

You can skip, Bing and Yandex if you don’t really need to rank internationally (specific for Malaysia).

SEO Tactics 2020 - Google Search Console

2. Submit sitemap.xml

Once you have created your account as step 1, you may submit your sitemap.xml.

Every Search Engine Console has a different interface and navigation menu.

For Google Search Console go to search.google.com/search-console

For Bing Webmaster Tool go to https://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster

3. Submit on Industry Website

The search engine algorithm assigns any website by niche. This means if your website is about architecture, the expected content should be about buildings, structures anything related to architecture.

The best way to tell search engines about your niche is getting links from Industry associated websites like an association page.

Every industry has its own association page, you may need to figure out how to get listed. Prepare the following.

Company Name:
One paragraph of your business:
A short paragraph of your business:

SEO Tactics 2020 - Submit on listings

4. Submit on Award Websites

Award websites have similar strength in authority to Industry-specific website, it tells the search engine about your niche.

Go to the Award website and submit your link. If you don’t know any, search in Google for “Your industry awards”, e.g. “Architect Awards”.

You may need to have a portfolio page to link to the website.

The goal is not about winning the award (though it would be great if you did), it’s to get your link on the website.

5. Links from Social Media

The easiest way to get links to your website is through your social media.

Facebook - Share through your Facebook page.

Instagram - Share through your Instagram profile.

Linkedin - Linkedin Page profile.

And any other social media you have.

Here’s my workflow on social media sharing:

I write a piece of content like this one (aim to be 500~1000 words), breakdown in smaller bits, and share on my personal profiles, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and official website pages.

1 blog post with 7 points, will have a single post for itself on all platform. Refer to the diagram.

Get more shares by asking your employees to share it too.

The goal is not about getting traffic, but sending signals to Search Engine that your website exists.

6. Get Backlinks from Bloggers

Do a quick search of “Top __X__ in __Y__”.

X = your business, product, service E.g. web designer
Y = your targeted location

Once the result is populated, try to connect with the bloggers. It can be as simple as this.

“Hi Blogger-name,

I read your post here (the url of the website) and I’m wondering, what should I do to get my business listed as well.

Many thanks.”

You’ll be surprised, sometimes they are will to give for free.

You can also search for the bloggers that have mentioned you before by typing your brand name. Here's an example.

SEO Tactics 2020 - Get back links from existing posts

7. Add Videos to Your Blog Post

Go to Youtube and find a relevant topic to your blog post. Add to your site. These videos may not be the same brand as yours.

The goal is to make people stay on the website longer than expected.

The longer the visitor stays on the website, the more search engine thinks your website is very relevant.

But I wouldn't recommend this so often because it will hurt your authority. Unless you put a video of Oprah, Obama, to show your affiliation.

Long Term SEO Tactics 2020

I need to set another expectation here, long term SEO takes a lot of effort. Here are some numbers for you to know the magnitude of this.

1 Blog post (1000 words above) - Takes about 6-12 hours to complete.
1 Instagram carousel - 3 hours for the design to complete.
1 Facebook post (to share the blogpost) - 15-30 minutes for the headlines only.
1 Report with graphics - About 1 week (if I know the topic well enough)

Yes, a huge chunk of my time is spent on content creation. But hey, that’s why we pay marketing people, to create content for us.

Here are some things you can do.

8. Write Evergreen Blogposts

Writing an evergreen blog post is taxing, but not difficult. Start with what you know. Here’s some basic blog writing ideas.

  1. Educate your prospects about your products and services.
  2. Write 5W1H surrounding your products and services.
  3. Write FAQs that you get from prospects
  4. Share your project journey
  5. Understand where your ideal customer’s current situation, and where they are heading. Write insightful tips to help them grow.

The goal is to get people to stay on the website a little longer. The longer they are on the website, the more Search Engine thinks your website is legit.

9. Share Downloadable PDFs

Downloadable PDF is a must for B2B (corporate) Marketing because if you are not educating your audience, your competitors will.

Downloadable PDFs can be in many forms,

  1. Brochure, Tech spec sheet - Most common
  2. Industry Report
  3. Whitepaper
  4. Guides, Checklist

4 Reasons why you should produce your own PDFs,

  1. To educate the audience - most of the time the audience is looking for solutions to their problem, you also
  2. Build credibility - Be the first person/brand to educate your customers about their problems. They will only seek from you as they grow.
  3. Generate Leads - People are curious in nature. They don’t know what they don’t know.
  4. Show thought leadership - Because you are willing to give value for free and your competitors are not doing it.

seo tactics 2020 - ebook

Here's an ebook we've published. You can learn Web Design Strategy for free.

10. Be a Guest Blogger on Relevant Website

Contrary to belief, you don’t need to be a book writer, a Guru, a million followers to be a guest blogger, as long as you have experience in your field. However, there are some fundamentals you need before you can do this, they need to know you can write.

Write lots of blog posts on your website.

Find the blog or website you want to be featured in, pitch your topic. You may not get an immediate yes, (it took me on average 4 attempts).

The blog owner cares about readership. Write content that is valuable to the readers. Don’t write self-promoting.

11. Pitch to Mainstream Media

While most of us think getting featured on mainstream media (major TV, Radio etc) it’s actually quite the opposite.

Mainstream media is always on the lookout for something ‘fresh’.

Here’s what you can do.

Go to the media website, find an article related to your business. Write a response email to the journalist about your point of view. How you see it as a ‘technical expert’. Add depth to the article, don’t contradict the story.

A journalist would rarely change their point of view unless they really don’t know what they are doing. Be helpful, start a relationship, you might be featured next.

12. Use Structured Data

The website crawler has gotten more advance in the past few years.

SEO tactics 2020 - Structured Data

How likely are you going to click on this link? Yes. (I would)

If you have a basic idea of how HTML works, then structured data is easy to learn. There’s also a plugin for this.

You can learn more here https://moz.com/learn/seo/schema-structured-data

However, it comes with a very big risk if you are being dishonest. (Google bans website)

Here’s a list of Don’t:

  1. Create fake testimonials
  2. Use deceiving image
  3. Use to mislead users.

Here’s more guideline from Google https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/sd-policies

13. Optimizing Your Content

When you’ve built a library of content, you might want to expand the idea through different types of media.

Here’s what you can do.

Go to Google Analytics, check the best performing blog post. You can do so by going to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

I’ve also written an in-depth post about Google Analytics (Beginner)

Turn those lengthy texts into videos, infographic, slides.

Make it easier for people to digest.

14. Hire SEO Companies

The last on the list is, of course, hire people to do it for you. Do it AFTER you have seen your website on Search Engine.

This is how it normally unfolds.

  1. Strategy - Understand what keywords you want to rank for, competition analysis, the voice, the content structure, measurement of success.
  2. Draft Topic - Topics are not titles. Topics are subject. Each topic may have 3 or more Titles to a topic.

Example of SEO Draft:

Business: Sell Flowers
Topic: Flower for Valentine


  1. Why we give flowers for Valentine - Informative
  2. Best gift besides flowers for Valentine - Guides/ Ideas
  3. You might not believe how this young man proposed on valentine but got the strangest respond - Viral

Stages of Content Publication

  1. Draft Content - Contents are drafted and submitted to the customer for review. It starts with the skeleton text, draft text, facts correction, grammar corrections, graphic design, and final text. Touchpoint may vary depending on the SEO company.
  2. Publish - This is where the content is being published and distributed on your social media platform.
  3. Measure and Optimize - Content rank is measured and optimized.

Managing Your SEO Expectation

  1. No SEO company can promise no. 1 spot for your desired keyword, they don’t own Search Engines. Even engineers at Search Engine companies can’t give you the no. 1 spot. You have to earn it.
  2. It may not boost your ranking at all, but you do it because you have no time and expertise to do it yourself.
  3. Higher search engine ranks do not mean higher sales or generate more leads. This depends highly on your sales, products, reputation and other factors.

15. Hire SEO Experts or Writers as Your Staff

The last SEO tactics 2020, is to hire SEO staff. How much does it cost?

15 SEO Tactics 2020 - For New Website 5 15 SEO Tactics 2020 - For New Website 6

Roughly RM 4 - 10k per month. I wouldn’t recommend keeping an in-house SEO expert unless you have a massive product line with multiple subsidiaries.

Because once you get ranked, the SEO staff has nothing else to do.

What I would recommend is hiring writers. Create more meaningful in-depth content about your industry and share your industry knowledge.

Final Words - SEO Tactics 2020 for New Website

SEO tactics 2020 for new website is not difficult, it’s tedious. Getting ranked on Page would not mean you getting better sales. Work on your offer, sales (closing) and improve the quality of your products and services.

The key is to be consistent.

8 Super Numbers in Google Analytics for Beginners [Easy]

Google Analytics can be intimidating for beginners because there's only data, data, data, that’s all there is to it.

Take a deep breath, because what Google Analytics for beginners(GA from now on forth) is not really that complex. It not only reveals data of your website but also show the result of your marketing efforts.

In this post, I’ll walk you through important data so you can understand and do something to fix it. My aim is to make this post as short as possible so I don’t waste your time on needless parameters. Let's start the Google Analytics for Beginners.

google analytics for beginners hero image

Before you start, I want you to enter a mindset

1. Bounce Rate (BR)

An action where visitors land on a single page, no interaction and exits. Think of it as window shopping, glanced at an item, uninterested and walks out.

There are 2 types of BR, Website, and Page. Website BR is an overall, Page is only for a page.8 Super Numbers in Google Analytics for Beginners [Easy] 7

To view, go to Audience > Overview.

Metric: The Lower the Percentage, the better it is.

26- 40 percent is excellent. 41-55 percent is average. 56 - 70 percent is poor. Anything above 70 percent is downright disappointing outside of blogs, articles, news, and events.

If your product page has more than 70 percent, it means your visitors do not know where to go but exit. Here’s what you can do.

2. Time on Page

Most common pitfall Google Analytics for beginners is to overlook the time spent on a single page. There is average (for entire website) and time on single page. Average Time on-page can be seen at Behavior > Overview while individual pages can be seen at Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.8 Super Numbers in Google Analytics for Beginners [Easy] 8

Time on Page is important for SEO. If your content is high quality and helpful, people will stay a little longer and Google definitely wants to serve you content to your audience.

Metric: Higher Time on Page is Better.

For Articles, blog post, events, news:

Check the number of words, divide by 200 (200 is the average adult reading speed), you get the number of minutes they should spend on your website.

For Products:

If the time is too short (like 5 seconds), here's what you can do

If the time is between 30 seconds to 1 minute (provided you’ve done above),

3. Site speed

Every visitor has different connectivity speed to your website, depending on the device (mobile, desktop, tablets, etc).

Google Analytics for Beginners - Site speed

You can check site speed at Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timing

Site Speed is also important for SEO because search engine prefers to send traffic to fast websites.

Metric: The lower the better. You want to get below 5 seconds mark.

If your website is slower than 5 seconds, try the following

4. New vs Returning Visitor

New visitors are people who just learned about you. Returning are (maybe) your leads or customer, visitors who know you. Learn more about the different between Visitors and Customers in Funnel Marketing.

This can be found in Audience > Behavior > New vs Returning

Metric: Depends your marketing strategy and goals

If you ...

1. Do pay for Traffic (via Google Ads, Facebook ads, Influencers, Bloggers), expect your website to have more New visitors.

2. Do Content Marketing, expect the ratio to be 50:50.

3. Do send out newsletters, expect your returning customers to be more than new ones.

4. Do retargeting campaigns, expect more returning customers.

For example, Laman7.

When I write a blog post, it's normally for my customers. I send out newsletters every now and then to share our new blog post. I’d expect more returning visitors than new ones.

“5-20% probability of selling to new prospect”
“60-70% probability of selling to the existing customer”
- Marketing Metric.

5. Traffic Source

Where do your visitors come from? To check this, go to Acquisition > Overview.

8 Super Numbers in Google Analytics for Beginners [Easy] 9

This is the metric I cared most, because it shows how people found me.

Metric: Depends on Marketing Strategy and Goals

Let’s say I invest in making content on Facebook, I expect the traffic from Facebook to be more than anything else.

Likewise, if I invest in Content Marketing (blogpost), I’d expect more from Organic searches.

If I have a billboard, I’d expect more from Direct.

If I pay people to write about me, I’d expect more from referrals.

You want to be extremely good at one source, average for the rest. Buying traffic is the easiest way to get noticed. SEO will take a while and can be daunting for beginners.

6. Number of Visitors

Check the week-to-week (or month-to-month) growth.

You can do this by going to Audience > Overview. Then on the top right, click on the dates. Check compared to the previous period.

Metric: Anything positive, you want growth.

In my example, we’re experiencing a decrease in visitors. That’s ok because our post went viral, so I do expect it to go down once the content is dated.

8 Super Numbers in Google Analytics for Beginners [Easy] 10

To keep growing your traffic you can do 2 things.

7. Pages per Session

How many pages were visited in a single session? This metric determines the pages that visitors go through during their visits.

8 Super Numbers in Google Analytics for Beginners [Easy] 11

To view, go to

Metric: High page per session the better.

This correlates to the number of products and types of websites.

Blog content: 2-3 pages per session. Visitors find what they need helping with, solve the problem and closes the website

eCommerce (online shopping): More than 4 pages per session. You want them to check products after products. Once they are ready to buy, they go to the checkout page to make payment.

Corporate Website: 4-5 pages per session. You want visitors to learn about your product and services. And sometimes learn about your company, vision, top management, etc.

8. Popular Pages

Know exactly which page is popular because this page might be your best selling product or blog post.

8 Super Numbers in Google Analytics for Beginners [Easy] 12

To view go to: Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

Metric: Depends on your goal.

What do we do with a non-performing page? Here's what you can do.

If it's a blog post

If it's a product or services page

Here's my basic workflow to producing content (blog post), steps are in order.

  1. Identify the problem of your customer
  2. Verify with one or two customers
  3. Post something short on Facebook.
  4. If it picks up, has shares and likes, I start writing 500-600 words.
  5. Post on the blog, share it on social media.
  6. If the post generates traffic, I add other types of media and content. Keep improving the content.
  7. If it continues to grow, I pay for the traffic to reach more people.
  8. Break the content into small pieces and share on Social Media.

Moving Forward

Here’s a simple template that I personally use to track Google Analytics. You can open it and ‘make a copy’ and make it your own. Or if you prefer PDF, download here.

8 Super Numbers in Google Analytics for Beginners [Easy] 13

Print this out for every month. Write it down and keep it in a file. Another method is to use Google Data Studio, which I won't be covering in this post.

Bonus Google Site Kit

Google has recently released Google Site Kit for WordPress. It makes it so much easier to see Google Analytics from your website. You can download here and install in your WordPress.

Looking for SEO Expert?

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7 Critical Must-Have SEO For Website to Rank

I have a love and hate relationship with SEO for a website. Sometimes I do everything right, but don't get rank. Sometimes I did the bare minimum, it ranks. Whatever it is, to me, the basic is always these 7 core principles.

Why use SEO for Website?

The main reason why I urge and use SEO for a website it's because it's FREE. The downside is that it takes discipline and the right know-how. If you want quicker results, use Search Engine Marketing like Google Ads. Overall, I prefer SEO than posting Facebook Wall page, which fades off quickly (usually within a week).

  1. SEO Requires Speed
  2. Age of Domain
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Mobile Friendly
  5. HTTPS Secure
  6. Technical SEO
  7. Off Page SEO

1. SEO for website = Speed

If you don't know this yet, Google loves speed. Try to do any search on their website, it'll return the result in split second with a high degree of accuracy. That's why Google is preferred search engine in the entire world.

2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second.” Maile Ohye, from Google

Your website needs to load within 2 seconds. Is that even possible? Let's dive deeper.

a. Location.

It would be a lot quicker if your server resides in the same country as your audience. Meaning, if you run in a business in Japan, your server should be in Japan, likewise for any other country. A bad example would be, the audience is in Singapore but the server in San Francisco.

b. Reputable Hosting.

Get a good reputable hosting. But how to find them? Well, here's a few reviews, hosting facts, cnet, bitcatcha (Malaysia). For us, we prefer to use Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service, Vultr, Digital Ocean and Runcloud (for server management).

c. Caching

Use a caching tool for your WordPress. w3C and Super Cache are good enough. But if you're dead serious about speed, consider getting the premium version. We recommend using Swift Performance for caching.

d. Content Delivery Network

CDN helps to deliver your content quicker, serving from the nearest resource to your audience. Free ones like CloudFlare is adequate. You may need to upgrade if your business relies heavily on the website, like running an online store.

e. HTTP2

This is a bit technical. HTTP2 differs from HTTP1.1 by a lot. For instance, HTTP2 allows your browser to download simultaneous files from the website instead of serving one file at a time. It's like eating at a restaurant, where your orders are received in one go.

f. Image Compression

Compress the images using tools like PhotoScape, Riot, and ImageOptim (for Mac only). Also check the dimension of the files, ensuring that you are not loading more than what the viewers can see.

2. Age of Domain

The older the domain, the higher it can rank. That's why some domain name can go as high as $50,000 per .com. Not only because it looks good (vanity), but also because of its age.

Typically when I handle an SEO project, I want to make sure the age of domain is at least 6 months old. I will downright reject anything below 6 months because it's almost impossible to rank quickly within the project duration.

If you don't have a domain yet, buy it as soon as you can. Not only it'll help with your SEO, but at least protects your brand name.

3. Content Marketing

In North America 2018, 91% of marketers use content marketing as their marketing strategy. Content marketing does one simple thing, get more traffic to the website.

Google indexes website based on its content. If your content is only your about and service page, it would make it difficult for Google to know your niche and will not serve your website to their audience.

In a book that I read, Show Your Work by Austin. He shared 10 ways to market your work (even if you're a shy person). Here's a few

a. Share what you're working on. Ongoing projects are enough for teasers.
b. Your Process. Reveal it enough so that you don't give away your secret sauce, but enough to create rapport.
c. Your Accomplishment. This doesn't mean you have to show your awards, but you can also show your previous works. What succeeded and what didn't.
d. Share your Recipe. This is a big no-no to a lot of business, but it's actually the other way around. Gordon Ramsay teaches how to cook, but yet, he's raking in millions of dollars into this restaurant business.

If all else fails, just curate a content. Find something that you love reading, what you're passionate about and share it on your website. (This is the least you could do).

Every article you write must be at least 500 words. The best for me is above 1,500 words. It works every time.

4. Mobile Friendly

52.4% of the world is using the mobile phone to browse websites. In some website that I manage reaches 97% of the total traffic. Google, in fact, encourages this. You can run your test here at Google Page Speed.

7 Critical Must-Have SEO For Website to Rank 14

Here's how my personal website looks like. Ideally, you need to get to 100, but sometimes, that's just not possible, due to external files loaded onto the website.

Another thing to note, Google will not try it's best not to rank your website on mobile search if it's not mobile responsive.

Newer WordPress themes are built to be mobile ready. If it's not, consider hiring a web designer to help you with this.

5. HTTPS Secure Website

Because Google is freely available to everyone who wants to perform searches, Google must be the gatekeeper of threats. One of them is security. Google will not rank your website it's not secure.

An insecure website, such as having malicious contents, spam backlinks, virus and malware is downright rejected by Google. This usually happens because of the following

a. HaCKed website. The server is not protected. Web hosting at fault here.
b. Use of 'admin' as it's default admin username.
c. Using stolen Premium plugin
d. Uploading from a malware-infected computer.

HTTPS has nothing to do with malware-infected websites. HTTPS is more like a secure way of communication between the server and the visitor. Ensuring that their session will not be hijacked.

While HTTPS remains optional, it's a must (for me) to get a better ranking in Google.

6. Technical SEO a.k.a. On Page SEO

It's called on-page because we can control the outcome of the page. Every single web page must adhere to the SEO guideline. I myself have 23 SEO checks before I hit the publish button.

a. Site/Page Title
b. Permalink
c. Meta Tag
d. Meta Description
e. Image name
f. Image alt=””
g. Image Compression
h. Heading 1 (H1)
i. Heading 2 (H2)
j. Heading 3 (H3)
k. Interlink
l. First paragraph
m. Speed
n. Loading Files
o. File request
p. Copywriting
q. LSI Keywords
r. Social Media Button
s. Outbound Link
t. Facebook Thumbnail
u. Twitter Thumbnail
v. Copywriting

To help you organize, I also made this in a checklist format. You can download the SEO Checklist. No email sign up required.

Running WordPress? Use this SEO plugins to help you with Title, meta tags, meta description etc.

a. All in One SEO - Great overall. Buy premium and get SEO for video. I've used this for a very long time and loved it.

b. Yoast SEO - Another great plugin. But I find it to be a bit 'heavy'. Heavy in the way that it loads on the editing page

c. The SEO Framework - If you're just lazy, this is for you. It will automatically generate Meta and other stuff.

d. SEOPRESS - I use the Premium plugin, does all the above with speed and ease. I use this for all my projects now.

7. Off Page SEO - Inbound Links

It's called off-page because it's beyond your control. Basically, you need to get your website listed on other similar websites.

You can do this by submitting to directory links, post boards, forums, blogs, social media, bookmarking service. But it wouldn't get you as far you desire.

To push the limit, consider the following

a. Give product for free to bloggers. Get them to review your product which helps to boost your SEO.
b. Answer questions in Quora that is relevant to your website
c. Exchange links with your competition. You got to be bold.
d. Google for Business. Setup your account. It's relatively easy and free.
e. Make Youtube video about your product, addressing the problem you solve. (it's hard but worthwhile)

Bonus Round - Google Search Console

Consider adding your website to Google Search Console. It's free too! The purpose of using it is to ensure that you force Google to find your website. I kinda hate the new layout. It's too simplified, but I don't dwell on it for too long. Export my numbers then use Excel to plan the keywords.

7 Critical Must-Have SEO For Website to Rank 15

Conclusion: SEO for Website

To sum up, these are 7 core tactics I use for SEO. I don't spare anything that I don't already know. You can try your luck with this brief guide. Overall, SEO for your website requires patience. Today, you might rank badly, but I promise you, if you follow these steps, you might make it to the top 10 of the search.

Of course, if all else fail, consider hiring me to help with your SEO for your Website.