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Lead Generators: The Showdown – Unmasking the Superheroes of B2B Marketing

Edwin Masripan
Last Update: October 19, 2023
4 minutes read
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Introduction – Lead Generators

In the grand arena of B2B marketing, lead generation is the ultimate battle royale. But fear not, brave marketer, for we’re here to guide you through the showdown of lead generators.

From eBooks to quizzes, videos to templates, each contender has unique powers to captivate and conquer. Get ready for a witty tour of the lead generation battlefield and discover which superhero will be your champion.

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Lead Generator Traps

Are you falling into these common traps that kill leads?

❌ Focusing on quantity over quality – Having 500 weak leads won’t convert like 50 solid ones. Prioritize fit, not numbers.

❌ Pitching too early – Lead with value, not a sales pitch. Build know, like and trust first.

❌ Not personalizing outreach – No one wants to copy/paste messages. Tailor your communication to each prospect’s needs.

❌ Neglecting follow-ups – You can’t ghost leads and expect sales. Set reminders and follow up consistently.

❌ Ignoring lead nurturing – Don’t go for the hard sell immediately. Nurture leads with useful content over time.

❌ Giving up too fast – It takes multiple touches to convert most leads.

Persistence and patience pay off.

The top reps don’t make these mistakes. They know success comes from targeted, personalized, value-focused, persistent outreach.

Review your process. Avoid these traps. Strengthen your foundation. Then, watch your leads and sales grow. 📈

Let’s start with the first one:

1. Epic eBooks: The Page-Turners

lead generator - lead generators ebook

The swashbuckling eBook – the age-old champion of B2B lead generation. These content-packed tomes wield knowledge like a sword, attracting audiences seeking in-depth insights.

From unravelling industry secrets to providing step-by-step guides, eBooks are the heavyweight contenders that trade length for authority. Their power lies in their ability to establish your brand as an industry thought leader.

Ebook conversion rate: 10~15%

Difficulty to produce: 4.5/5

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2. Quiz Marketing: The Mind Readers

lead generator - lead generators quiz

Welcome to the world of quiz marketing, where curiosity meets engagement. Quizzes have the supernatural ability to read minds – or at least decode user preferences.

By offering tailored results and personalized recommendations, quizzes lure in prospects and collect valuable data simultaneously. It’s like a crystal ball that predicts your audience’s desires, making them eager to learn more about your offerings.

Conversion rate: 40~60%

Difficulty to produce: 5/5

3. Video Chronicles: The Visual Storytellers

lead generator - lead generators videos

Lights, camera, action! Videos are the show-stealers of lead generation. They engage both auditory and visual senses, turning complex concepts into engaging narratives.

Whether it’s a demo, a tutorial, or a behind-the-scenes peek, videos make your brand relatable and memorable. In a world of scrolling thumbs, videos are the silver screen that captures attention and leaves a lasting impact.

Conversion rate: 15~25%

Difficulty to produce: 5/5

4. Worksheet Wizards: The Productivity Enchanters

lead generator - lead generators worksheets

Enter the realm of worksheet lead generators, where productivity meets education. These magical tools transform complex tasks into manageable steps, allowing prospects to visualize their progress.

Whether budgeting, planning, or strategizing, worksheets guide users toward success while showcasing your brand’s expertise.

Conversion rate: 5~10%

Difficulty to produce: 3/5

5. Template Titans: The DIY Heroes

lead generator - lead generators templates

Templates – the DIY heroes of lead generation. Social media calendars and email templates empower your audience to achieve professional results with minimal effort.

By offering a sneak peek into your industry-specific know-how, templates position your brand as the guiding hand, building trust while saving time.

Conversion rate: 5~10%

Difficulty to produce: 2/5

6. Webinar Warriors: The Live Engagement Knights

lead generator - lead generators webinars

Behold, the webinar warriors! Webinars merge education with real-time interaction, drawing in audiences hungry for knowledge.

These live events encourage engagement, question-and-answer sessions, and real-time discussions. They’re the closest thing to an in-person seminar without the travel expenses.

Conversion rate: 10~25%

Difficulty to produce: 5/5

7. Survey: The Nosy Vendors

lead generator - lead generators surveys

Lastly, using surveys to capture leads.

A survey helps you understand your target market, address their concerns, and focus on getting the menial details right.

Be careful not to ask too many or unrelated questions (which sounds like invading their privacy); the target market may find it annoying, so they quit midway.

Conversion rate: 3~12%

Difficulty to produce: 3/5

lead generator - lead generator quotes


As the dust settles on the lead generation showdown, you’re armed with superheroes ready to join your B2B marketing ranks. Whether you’re wielding eBooks, quizzes, videos, worksheets, templates, or webinars, each lead generator has a unique charm that resonates with specific audiences.

Choose your lead generation champion based on your brand’s personality and audience’s preferences. Just remember, in the dynamic world of B2B marketing, the key lies in versatility – using a mix of these lead generators to create a symphony of engagement that leaves your prospects eagerly waiting for the next curtain call.

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