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17 Website Myth Must Be Gone by 2024

Edwin Masripan
Last Update: March 22, 2024
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I been running Marketing Agency for the past 15 years built hundreds of websites, I’ve interviewed, worked with many customers from all walks of life and industry.

Throughout the journey, I was constantly tested with website myths and misconception about a website as a marketing tool.

Website Myth in Sales & Marketing Tool

1. If You Build, They will come

Optimism is nothing new in business, this applies to web design as well. Clients sees a website as the final stage when actually it’s the beginning of their marketing journey.

I believe website is the heart of your marketing. All your marketing campaigns should lead to your website.

2. A Website is Self Promoted

Your new website will not promote by itself. It lacks intelligence and muscle to do that. As the owner, you should allocate time, effort and money to tell the world about your new website.

You can do this by using social media or hire us for search engine optimisation.

3. Get Sales Immediately

Once you complete the website, it will not generate sales the next day. A sale can happen once it has enough traffic and you have nurtured your prospects about your products/ services.

Website Myth in Design and User Experience

4. Users Don’t Scroll

There are times, a client wants to build a website that is in one compact screen (no scroll). Everything goes before the fold.

I asked them why? They told me because users don’t scroll down.

That’s got to be one of the ugliest website myth.

Visitors do scroll, otherwise how do they check facebook walls, search on google, read news websites and blogs? Yes, they do scroll.

5. Users Like Flash Intro

Flash intros were cool in early 2000’s. If you implement it now, you will see a quick exit from your website. Besides, Apple products (iPad and iPhone) can’t play flash.

Thankfully this has been killed by Apple when Steve Job (while he was alive) refuse to support Adobe Flash.

6. Anyone Can Design a Website

Yes. Anyone can.

You can also build your own car, but do think it’ll work on the road?

There are many elements that makes a good car, so does a website. A website is a combination of art, design, marketing and technical. It requires experience, business acumen and sense of design.

While DIY website is cheaper, it’s also costly if you don’t generate any sales from it.

7. The Design Should “POP” 🤣

To this day, after 20 years of designing websites, I still have no idea what it means.

Good looking website converts, website myth or fact?

Making a website attractive and beautiful is subjective. Making it work is easier. To do this, you’ve got to lower the standards because most people want to things done and not get overly hung up on design.

Build for interaction. Get people to move between section and pages (that’s where the biggest wins are)

8. Empty Space is Bad

Have you ever opened a website packed with content? Does it strain your eyes? Whitespace (or empty spaces) are there to help you scan the entire page and process the information quicker.

It can also be used to emphasis on certain information.

9. We Know What Our Customer Wants To See

Yes, you definitely know what your customer’s preference when it comes to your products and services. But when it comes to website design, it’s always a good idea to let your website designer have a look or have a go at it creatively.

10. Go Google the Images and Use it!

Hard no. The creative industry is protected by copyright.

The last thing you want is to pay fines for using others’ work, and it lacks originality. Try to arrange for a photo shoot and make your stock photos.

11. Show Everything On the Website

Another website myth to consider is over-sharing information, which often leads to confusion.

The last thing you want is to confuse your prospects. The best approach is to segment the information according to its categories. You can also offer PDF downloads.

This helps you build an email list and qualify the prospects better.

12. Just Copy Competitor Website

I believe every business is unique. It has its own voice, promise, and presence—this is also called a brand. When you copy, you actually downplay the perception of your own brand. Normally, before making a purchase, the end user (your customer) will always compare between sites.

If you were caught copying, do you think the customer would trust you?

Website Myths in Finance

13. Website Lasts a LIFETIME

The next Website myths is a website last forever.

Trends change from time to time. Every website has an expiry date.

While the Website Design may not expire, its codes and infrastructure do (it’s called End-of-Life). HTML has undergone many iterations, allowing for more interactions and a deeper user experience. So do browser updates.

A well-designed website can last 7-10 years (in design and codes) but I wouldn’t stretch that far.

14. A Website Is Complete

Think of your website as a way for you to pitch to your customers. Does your sales pitch change from time to time? Yes? So does your website.

Website needs continuous improvements to keep its relevance. Your visitors would always want to see something new on the website.

If don’t can’t cope with ever hungry market demand, you can always do Marketing as a Service with Laman7.

15. Website Don’t Need Maintenance

If you are using static HTML, yes, your website might not need any maintenance. However, if you are using CMS like WordPress, you need a professional to help you maintain the website.

This ensures that your investment is protected from security threats and potential exploits. Get Website Maintenance from Laman7

16. Website Has Unlimited Changes

When you hire a website designer, you normally get 2-3 changes to the overall website design. Otherwise the project will never be completed.

You can get unlimited changes if you hire us as a Marketing Outsource 😁

17. A Website is Cheap

When you pay for a low-budget website, you get what you pay for. A high budget doesn’t mean it’s good either. Your requirements determine a website’s cost and what the intended use is.

A good website is not defined by its price but by its relevance to visitors and content.

Conclusion – Website Myths

It doesn’t matter what you and I think about the website myths. What matters is whether it brings money to the table. To ensure that it delivers desired results, we have to consider the following

  • Are you tracking its performance?
  • Will there be future improvements?
  • Does it help the sales team close more sales?
  • Does it help HR to get new staff?

Website, when used correctly, can deliver impactful results to business.

Would you be interested in Revamping your Website?

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Edwin Masripan
Growth Strategist. Performs marketing, copywriting, design and coding for the most significant chunk of Laman7's work. You'll see him often tucked in the corner with a book, cycling when it is windy, head to the beach when it's rainy. Yeah, he's weird, aren't we all?
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