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Website Revamp Meaning? Here’s Your Answer.

Edwin Masripan
Published on February 10, 2022
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Website Revamp Meaning: A website revamp is a complete overhaul or redesign of a website. It can include a new design, layout, graphics, and content (information architecture). It is a major project that can take weeks or months to complete.

Purpose: A website revamp can be used to improve a site’s appearance and user experience. It can also be used to target new audiences and increase website traffic.

1. Benefits of Website Revamp

Improved Appearance

A website revamp can improve the appearance of a site by replacing outdated graphics and templates with fresh, new ones.

Improved User Experience

A website revamp can improve the user experience by making the site easier to navigate and more user-friendly. –

Increased Traffic

A website revamp can increase website traffic by improving the visibility of the site and driving more visitors to it.

The goal of a website revamp is not only to make the website look new and cool but also to convey valuable and relevant information that turns visitors to customers.

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2. What Does a Website Revamp Include?

There are no specific ways to revamp, however, when you hire us, here’s what we do.

Change of User Flow 

Typical a site was built using a sitemap, and it sucks because we’re not programmed to read all the content of the website. We consume info bit by bit. There’s a thought process that must be answered to persuade visitors to take the next step.

We take the visitors on a journey to understand your brand deeper until they are ready to smash that contact button.

Change Layout and Design

Some conventional elements like logo, menu button and footer may remain the same. This is what most internet users are used to. We give a new breath so that the information is consumed moderately, not a whole dump of data.

Improved Navigation

All links are not equal, so are pages. Commercial pages like service or product pages have higher priority than a blog post, because that’s where the money is.

Improved Functionality

Make it faster, remove clunky features, SEO friendly. These are the top 3 functions that must happen in a website revamp.

Content Creation

Most contents are rewritten to fit visitors perspectives. Skip the jargon, explain it to laymen. Unless the website is built specifically for professionals, then keep it simple and direct.


I won’t sweat over animations. However, it seems like an essential feature to compete with another cool looking websites. The key is to use it moderately.

3. What are the Risks of a Website Revamp?

There are a few risks associated with a website revamp. The most common risk is that the revamp will not live up to expectations. Some users may like it, some users may hate it. Consider the case of Maybank in 2013.

website revamp meaning maybank - Website Revamp Meaning? Here's Your Answer.
Website Revamp 2013

Users hated it so much they wrote to the news, Maybank quickly reverted back to the old design.

maybank 2012 - Website Revamp Meaning? Here's Your Answer.
Maybank 2012.
maybank2u new - Website Revamp Meaning? Here's Your Answer.
Maybank 2022.

Another risk is that the revamp will be too expensive or time-consuming, resulting in a loss of money or time. Consider Hertz (car rental company), who spent USD 32 million on Accenture to revamp the website.

The website never made it, the core problem was the followings,

  • Not responsive design – it’s 2017, the world has shifted to mobile.
  • No technical expert – despite claiming having the best talent in the world.
  • Vulnerable code – it was easy to hack
  • No testing & documentation – did not perform error handling

More on Hertz vs Accenture.

Conclusion: Website Revamp Meaning

A website revamp can be a great way to improve your website’s look and feel. But it is a major project and should be planned carefully. There are risks associated with website revamps, but they can be minimized if you plan and execute the project correctly.

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