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This calculator will figure out the number of website visitors to interact with Lead Magnet and eventually becomes a customer and advocate.
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Variables for Lead Magnet

Change the variables below based on your Lead Magnet funnel. All values are based on industry standard.

Target Client
(Number of Client)

% Closing Rate
(from Contact to Client)

% Prospect to Leads
(from Lead Magnet to Contact)

% Click-Through Rate
(from Ads to Lead Magnet)

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What is a Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet is a free item or service that is given away to gather contact details.

How to Use Lead Magnet Calculator?

We start by identifying how many target clients we need. From there, we can start understanding and planning the lead magnet. 

All the numbers above are based on the industry average. The result of your lead magnet varies on the target market, product, sales ability, copywriting and market saturation.

What’s the common mistake of lead magnet → 

Scaling to quickly ie More traffic = more leads

That’s not always the case. As you buy more traffic, the lower your conversion rate will be because of reduction in relevancy.

Not spending on traffic

A lead magnet without distribution is like printing the catalogue and leaving it in the warehouse. Spend on traffic to distribute your lead magnet.

Not engaging content

The lead magnet lacks value. It must address the pain and help audience get to their gain quickly.

Low lead generation

They’ve downloaded the Lead Magnet but do not make contact. This happens for several reasons, but mainly because they are not ready. Instead of pushing for the following action, try making a better offer.

Optimising to Soon

Premature optimisation happens when the Lead magnet is not published but keeps changing (the content). Marketing expert Claude Hopkins encourages testing the market and make iterations.

No follow through

Once you’ve got the lead’s contact details, you should initiate contact by delivering valuable content. This helps you win their mind share.

No proper planning

A decent Lead Magnet can be completed within the day. The best ones goes through proper planning and can take up to 4 weeks to be delivered successfully.