Marketing Funnel Calculator

Marketing Funnel Calculator

This Marketing Funnel calculator will help you organise at every stage of marketing to help you achieve your quotas.
How many people do you reach?x
How many people visit your website?x
How many people take the important first step?x
How many people come back again?
How many people started paying?
How many people refer friends to your business?

Variables for Marketing Funnel

Change the variables below to get an accurate estimation of your funnel.

Target Revenue
(in $ Dollars)
Average Order
(per client in $ Dollars)

Target Client
(Number of Client)

% Click-Through Rate
(from traffic to website)

% Prospect to Leads
(from web browser to become leads)

% Nurture Conversion
(returning then made contact)

% Closing Rate
(from contact to Client)

% Refer to Friends
(Client to friends)

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What is Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel describes your customer's journey from being stranger to buyer.

How to Use the Marketing Funnel Calculator?

There are many marketing funnel types; the one above is from the pirate funnel used by Growth Hacker also known as AAARRR funnel.

We start by identifying your revenue and average order. From there, you can change the rates of conversion based on your funnel.

All the numbers above are based on the industry average.

The goal of a Marketing Funnel is to find the weakest point of business (marketing) which you should focus to improve your revenue generation.

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Awareness – How many people do you reach?

We gain awareness from advertising, from Paid, Owned or Earned marketing. The cheapest way to through paid media and the best is Earned media.

Acquisition – How many people visit your website?

Once you direct strangers to the website, they become visitors. Our goal is to get them to browse as many pages as possible. The longer the dwell time, the more likely the audience will convert.

You can troubleshoot design problems with hotjar or any other screen recording tools.

The key to higher dwell time is to be more relevant.

Activation – How many people take the first important step?

Important first step are actionable through the website. It could be downloading ebook, subscribe to newsletter, sign up. While you can get visitors to perform any desired action, the simple metric is to get their contact details; like name, email and phone number.

Retention – How many people come back for the nth time?

Retention is the tactic to keep the audience coming back for more. This can be in any format, informational, tools, templates or framework. The more time they spend on your material, the more likely they will buy from you.

Revenue – How many people start paying?

Revenue is when you have harnessed the fruit of your labour. Keep note of Average Order Value (AOV) and find ways to improve your salesmanship. 

Referral – How many people refer friends to your business?

To get the most referrals you must please your clients and customers. They must get away from pain and achieve their goal. If you can’t solve both, it’s very unlikely for them to recommend to their friends.