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Growing Corporate Website Traffic for Manufacturers and Distributors (B2B)

Edwin Masripan
Last Update: January 25, 2024
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Having collaborated with manufacturers and distributors such as Kawasaki, UMW, Toyota, and Toshiba, I consistently encounter inquiries from colleagues in Corporate Communications, Sales, and CEO roles as a marketer.

  1. How to grow my corporate website traffic?
  2. How to make my brand popular?
  3. How to get in front of prospect?

Why are they so fascinated with traffic? Well, It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that more traffic equals to more sales. I’m here to tell you, it’s not (but it does increase probability)

My belief …

It’s better to have one 100% interested prospect than one hundred 1% interested buyer

This means if I’m selling burgers, I wouldn’t want better tools, wagyu beef, and cheaper price. I would always favour starving crowd over any of those.

Now for a website to deserve higher traffic, a few things have to be in place

  1. The website has to be shared worthy – great looking and easy to use (we can revamp your website)
  2. It has to be valuable – helpful in some sense
  3. It has to answer questions – read question prospect ask about website

Only when the three criteria are fulfilled you get higher traffic.

A friend, Corporate Communication Manager asked me, how to get people interested in the Company (so that they turn to sale)? The answer is, they won’t and never will be.

People are inherently selfish and live a busy life. So they won’t go out there to look for companies to study unless, they are looking for a job or business. Yes, they only explore a company if it benefits them.

Before we dive deeper, lets understand what does traffic means.

Traffic is eyeball that comes to your website. They are often measure with ‘session’ and ‘unique visitor’

Growing Corporate Website Traffic

Growing corporate website traffic is tricky. It’s not like selling consumer products. Given the right timing, you can push any product to your prospects.

Digital traffic can be categories into three types;

  1. Paid – You pay to play either using Linkedin ads, Google ads or any other relevant
  2. Owned – Your own marketing asset, communication channels
  3. Earned – You earned it by building a strong brand that performs
  4. Rented – Other platform that you are on
Traffic SourceExamplesWhy Use ItCons
Paid TrafficGoogle AdsInstant visibilityCostly, requires ongoing budget
Facebook AdsPrecise targetingAd fatigue, potential for ad-blocking
LinkedIn AdsAccess to professional audienceHigher CPC compared to other platforms
Owned TrafficWebsiteControl over content and user experienceTakes time to build and requires maintenance
Email MarketingDirect communication with audienceRisk of being marked as spam
Earned TrafficOrganic SearchCredibility, long-term visibilityTakes time to build, subject to search algorithm changes
Word of MouthTrust from peer recommendationsNot directly controllable, relies on external factors
Social Media SharesIncreased brand reach and social proofDependency on audience willingness to share
Rented TrafficSocial Media ProfilesBrand building and community engagementRequires consistent effort and content creation
Influencer MarketingTap into established audiencesDependency on influencers, potential for inauthenticity
Affiliate MarketingCost-effective performance-based modelDependence on affiliates’ marketing efforts
Sponsored ContentLeverage existing platform audienceLimited control over platform algorithm changes

Every type of traffic has it’s own advantages. It depends on your appetite, marketing budget and sales cycle (duration)

Situation of Growing Traffic Based on Companies


Companies that are at least 10 years old with strong finance and established Marketing system (you probably won’t be reading this).

Focus on all types of Marketing and strengthening marketing assets because your competitors are right up your alley.

Growing or Scaling

Companies that are between 2 – 10 years old, strong sales force without an established marketing assets and system

Primary focus on Earned and then the rest, because you want to establish performance and compete with existing brands.


Companies age less than 2 years old, focus on Paid traffic.

Paid traffic gives you the access to leads which allows you build financial reserves.

Growing Corporate Website Traffic Alone is Not Enough

Before you go out and promote the hell out of your website, consider the B2B Marketing Fundamental. It starts with the 3M.

corporate website traffic - market message media growing corporate website traffic
  1. Look at the Market (target audience and competitor) – What do they really want? What’s the gap?
  2. Write impactful Message – What makes you different, why now?
  3. Spread the words through Medium – where are your target audience at? Pull them in.

It must be delivered in that order.

Most companies I’ve worked with focused on the Medium, sharing ‘eating together’ pictures, feel-good pictures, awards on social media and website. While those pictures are great, it does very little to attract new customers.

The pertinent question is, what does your website tell about you and your product? Get an unbiased opinion on your website, hop on to our consultation. It’s free! Book Consultation

How Much Traffic is Enough?

It’s hard to put an exact number. However, the best way is to be better than last period (monthly or quarterly) depending on your marketing strategy.

Again, I would like to emphasis, more traffic doesn’t always equate to more sales. It could only be noise.

Moving Forward – to Grow Corporate Website Traffic

If you’re wondering how else to grow your traffic, hop on to our consultation. Let’s dissect your marketing asset and see how we can eliminate those pain point of not getting enough traffic!

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Edwin Masripan
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