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Linking and transferring data with Marketing Automation
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Tired of Copy Pasting Client Info?

Most modern sales and marketers work are clerical to get the data sets right. This consume a lot of time and affects day-to-day operations. And seriously takes the fun out of sales and meeting people. Marketing Automation solves these challenges;

Make Better Decisions with Marketing Automation

Manual and Repetitive Tasks

Doing copy-pasting work instead of focusing on Strategic work

Inconsistent Communication

Struggle to maintain consistent message across all medium channel.

Difficulty in Tracking and Measuring

Not on top of metrics, how do we measure performance then?

Forgetting to Send out Email

Setting calender events to send out email? Why not automate it.

Inconsistent Customer Experience

Every visitors gets different digital treatment leading to confusion.

Marketing Automation Scope

Marketing automation refers to the use of technology and software platforms to automate and streamline marketing tasks and processes.

Marketing automation involves automating repetitive and manual marketing activities to improve efficiency, enhance customer engagement, and optimize overall marketing efforts. It ties closely to Marketing Funnel.

Make robots do the dirty work.

(Marketing Automation is part of Acquisition in Marketing Funnel)

Strategising Dataflow

Understanding and connecting all channels data points

Passing Information

From one system to the other such as from Contact form to CRM

Timely Newsletter

Send newsletter according to stages of target market

Marketing Dashboard

Pull and push data to Marketing dashboard

Maintenance & Support

Ensure the data points are working as intended

Continuous Improvements

Find better ways to enrich data and improving workflow.

Save Time and Effort

Expected outcome from Marketing Automation

Improve workflow efficiency
Lead nurturing to right audience
Increase sales revenue
Improve customer engagement
Scalable at every level
Increase ROI
Marketing and Sales alignment


How do you connect the data?

We'll need access to your data so we can push to the right platform or channel

What are you using?

It depends, it could be Zapier, Pabbly or Integromate. Which ever is possible to connect to your or our API.

Will it break if we increase traffic?

Ideally not. It won't break as the marketing scales. We do have to check the connection from time to time

Can you send SMS?

Unlike B2C which requires always-on engagement. B2B Marketing needs to be tuned towards personalisation.

How does marketing automation work in the context of business operations?

Marketing automation works by automating routine marketing tasks based on predefined rules and triggers. For example, it can automatically send personalized emails to leads who have shown interest, schedule social media posts, and segment contacts for targeted campaigns. This streamlines marketing processes and ensures timely and relevant communication.

What types of marketing tasks can be automated using marketing automation software?

Marketing automation can automate various tasks, including email marketing, lead scoring, social media posting, customer segmentation, campaign tracking, and personalized content delivery. It allows businesses to create a seamless and targeted customer experience across multiple channels.

How can marketing automation help in lead generation and nurturing?

Marketing automation plays a crucial role in lead generation by automating the process of capturing, qualifying, and nurturing leads. It can send targeted content based on user behavior, track engagement, and score leads, allowing businesses to focus on the most promising prospects.

Is marketing automation suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, marketing automation is adaptable and suitable for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can benefit from automating basic marketing tasks, while larger enterprises can leverage advanced features for complex campaigns and lead management. The scalability makes it a valuable tool for businesses at various stages.

Is marketing automation a one-time setup, or does it require ongoing management and optimization?

While the initial setup is crucial, marketing automation benefits from ongoing management and optimization. Regularly analyzing performance metrics, refining workflows, and adapting to changing market dynamics ensure that your marketing automation strategy remains effective and aligned with your business goals over time.

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